General Education Requirements: Approved Courses

All colleges accept the courses of Charger Foundations as meeting the spirit of the University curriculum. However, Colleges have also taken time to consider where they would recommend one or more courses as particularly useful for students majoring in specific degree programs.

Listed below are the courses that fulfill Foundations in each category. All Charger Foundations courses must be taken for a grade, not on a Pass/Fail basis. When you are ready to make your final choices each semester, be sure to talk with your academic advisor!

See the UAH Course Catalog for course descriptions.




Fine Arts, Literature, Humanities (Non-Literature)


Mathematics, Natural Science (with Lab)


History, Social and Behavioral Sciences

AGSC AREA I 3 - 6 hours


EH 101/101S First-semester composition
EH 102 * Second-semester composition *
EH 105 * Honors composition *

* Approved options effective Fall 2015: EH (101 or 101S) and 102; EH 101 and (102 or 105); or EH 105.

AGSC AREA II 12 hours

Fine Arts

ARH 100 Ancient to Medieval period
ARH 101 Renaissance to Modern period
ARH 103 Non-Western
ARS 160 Introduction to Drawing
CM 122 Theatre Appreciation
MU 100 Introduction to Music Literature


EH 207 Readings in Literature and Culture I
EH 208 Readings in Literature and Culture II
EH 209 Readings in Literature and Culture I (Honors)
EH 210 Readings in Literature and Culture II (Honors)
EH 242 *

Mythology *

* Approved options effective Fall 2015: Level I- EH (207, 209, or 242); Level II- EH (208 or 210)

Humanities (Non-Literature)

CM 113 Introduction to Rhetorical Communication
EH 105 * Honors composition *
FL 101 ** Intro Foreign Language I**
FL 102 ** Intro Foreign Language II**
FL 201 ** Intermediate Foreign Language I**
FL 202 ** Intermediate Foreign Language II**
FL 204 International Cinema
PHL 101 Introduction to Philosophy
PHL 102 Introduction to Ethics
PHL 150 Technology, Science, and Human Values
PHL 201 Introduction to Logic
WGS 200 Introduction to Women’s Studies

* Approved option effective Fall 2015

** Most courses offered in the following Languages: Arabic, French, German, Japanese, Latin, Russian, and Spanish.

AGSC AREA III 11 - 12 hours


MA 107 Algebra with Applications
MA 110 Finite Math
MA 112 Precalculus Algebra
MA 113 Precalculus Trigonometry
MA 115 Precalculus Algebra/Trigonometry
MA 120 Calculus with Applications
MA 171 Calculus A

Natural Science (with Lab)

AST 106 Exploring the Cosmos I
AST 107 Exploring the Cosmos II
BYS 119 Principles of Biology
BYS 120 Organismal Biology
CH 101/105 Introduction to Chemistry (with Lab)
CH 121/125 General Chemistry I (with Lab)
CH 123/126 General Chemistry II (with Lab)
ESS 103 Environmental Earth Science Foundations and Applications
ESS 111 Climate and Global Change
PH 100 Conceptual Physics
PH 101 General Physics I
PH 102 General Physics II
PH 111/114 General Physics with Calculus I (with Lab)
PH 112/115 General Physics with Calculus II (with Lab)
PH 113/116 General Physics with Calculus III (with Lab)

AGSC AREA IV 12 hours


HY 103 World History to 1500
HY 104 World History since 1500
HY 221 The United States to 1877
HY 222 The United States since 1877

Social and Behavioral Sciences

ECN 142 Macroeconomics
ECN 143 Microeconomics
GS 200 Global Studies
GY 105 World Regional Geography
GY 110 Human Geography
PSC 101 American Government
PSC 102 Comparative Politics: Foreign Government
PSC 260 Introduction to International Relations
PY 101 General Psychology I
PY 201 Life-Span Development
SOC 100 Introduction to Sociology
SOC 102 Analysis of Social Problems
SOC 105 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
SOC 150 Social Perspectives on Technology and Science