Computer Labs

The College of Business Administration computer labs are located on the second floor of the Business Administration building.  The Open Lab, BAB215, is open to all UAH students during the posted hours.


General Lab Policies

  • Labs are locked when not in use to protect equipment.
  • No food or drink is allowed in the labs.
  • Do not save anything important to the lab computers.  Always save your work to external storage (thumb drive, email to yourself, etc.)
  • Computer usage is subject to the guidelines in the UAH General Computer Use Policy and the policy of our internet provider, AREN.

Logging In

Log in using your Charger ID.  Your password will default to your first and last initials followed by the last six digits of your A# (e.g. js001234).


Printing in the open lab is available for $0.07 a page using your Charger Card's Flex account.  When sending a print job you will be prompted to enter your A#, please enter the whole number including the A.  To print the job you will need to go the the Release Terminal next to the printer and enter your A# again, choose the job to print, choose "Debit Print" and swipe your Charger Card.  For more detailed instructions click here.

Lab Assistance

For technical support, please contact the CBA Network Support office at 824-6510, or visit us in BAB 329.

Lab Reservations

Faculty may reserve a lab for classroom use.  The available labs are:

207 - holds 37 students
211 - holds 35 students
214 - holds 24 students

To reserve a lab or view the current schedule go to