1979 – Jennette Floyd

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Jennie Floyd (BSBA – Management, 1979) has moved to Los Angeles to pursue her acting career. She recently appeared in “I’m Alive” on Animal Planet, “1000 Ways to Die” on Spike, and “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant” on TruTV. She recently became a member of the Screen Actors Guild and is also a member [...]

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1975 – Stanton J. Rowe

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Mr. Rowe is employed by Edwards Lifesciences in Irvine, California and is their Chief Scientific Officer. He oversees product development and advanced technologies, strategic planning and business development.

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1975 – James C. Turner

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James is now retired and living in Huntsville, Alabama.

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1979 – Debra Orr Watkins

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Debra currently owns INTWO STUDIO, an art shop in Georgia for many mediums.  The shop currently offers art lessons including painting, stained glass, needlepoint, leathercraft, framing, jewelry, etc.

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1977 – Roderick Duke

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Rod is currently the Chief Operating Officer for MCR, LLC in McLean, Virginia. Chief Operating Officer – COO handling operations of four business units to include customer relationships, quality operations management, personnel administration and business administration. P/L management. Founded in 1977, MCR LLC is one of the largest and most recognized small business management and [...]

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1975, 1977 – David Green

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David Green, class of ‘75 and ‘77, was recently elected by the IEEE Assembly as the IEEE Secretary for 2010. The IEEE Secretary also chairs the IEEE Governance Committee and is a member of the IEEE Board of Directors. David is a professor in the UAB Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

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1978 – Janet Perry Stewart

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I’ve recently retired after almost 30 years with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama as Vice President of Health Information Services, and previously, Vice President of Managed Care. I currently reside in Homewood, Alabama.  

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1976, 1999 – Kim E. Goldinger

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I graduated in 1976 with BSN with my first husband Mac McConnell, then graduated in 1999 with MSN. Now am graduating from UAB in Dec 09 with second MSN and FNP degree. I occasionally attend Butler class of 1972 weekend dinners. I would love to hear from classmates.      

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1970 – Thomas J. Boedecker

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Thomas J. Boedecker, MS, mechanical engineer, retired from his post as corporate accounting manger for Texas Instruments, Garland, Texas.

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1972 – Donald H. Blaise

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Donald H. Blaise, BA, economics, is a senior manager of contracts for INF Emergency Management Services, LLC, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

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