2007 – Derek Hartwig

written by admin

Currently serving as a Budget Analyst. I successfully graduated from the two year Intern Program, and strive to maintain a thorough working knowledge of the Comptroller Program 11 Career Field. Learning it’s structure, functions, procedures, and operating programs through on the job training (OJT), and classroom/distance learning training. I also work with our more senior Budget Analysts in the Program and Budget Division (G8), and support them in a variety of ways. In my branch we work almost exclusively with the Army Working Capital Fund(AWCF). I have numerous AWCF Budget Execution responsibilities, serving as the primary point of contact between the Resource Management division and several of our customers, responsible for the analysis of the customers budget requirements (especially when funding determinations arrive from higher Headquarters), and assisting them in generating the proper forms that will allow them to submit their budget requirements with¬†confidence that they will receive the funding they require for their mission. I also have numerous AWCF Budget Execution Reporting¬† responsibilities, producing on a monthly basis execution reports which illustrate how the AWCF funds are being expended and by whom. In support of this function I created a site unique AWCF Budget Execution Report from data available within the Logistics Modernization Program (LMP) 164 (Current Status of Funds) Report, which tracks funds by Functional Area (FA), Cost Centers within each FA, and finally by Element Of Resource (EOR) within each Cost Center. I also download Army Management Structure (AMS) code information from the LMP 218 (Status of Approved Resources) report and move it to EOR format for analysis of how the budget is being executed, and also for Year-End reporting, and all of the above reporting is performed in a timely and accurate manner. In addition. I continuously monitor the Status of Funds for AWCF, both in the Standard Operation and Maintenance Research and Development System (SOMARDS, our legacy budget system) and LMP (our new budget system), and identify issues that need further analysis, to include discrepancies in the funds available, funds committed, or funds obligated. I also assist the Senior Analysts in applying any changes (increases/reductions) to current funding evels, and then analyzing the impact of any changes upon those organizations who receive their funding from AWCF. I work with the affected organizations I that are under my purview to assist them in determining how the change in their funds should best be allocated. I am also working on the development, creation and population of an Access database to automate a significant portion of the AWCF Budget Formulation effort that will ensure timely and accurate budget documents when submitting them for funding determination during a budget cycle.

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