1977, 1999, 2006 – Dr. Joseph W. Hamaker

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Dr. Joseph W. Hamaker has been named to the Technical Feasibility Panel for the National Research Council’s (NRC’) Committee on Human Spaceflight.  This 14 member panel will help the committee evaluate the future of the American space program.  The panel is being chaired by John Sommerer, who is head of the space sector at John Hopkins University’s Applied Physics Laboratory (APL). Other notable members of the panel include: former NASA Chief Technologist Bobby Braun; Douglas Cooke, former NASA associate administrator for Exploration Systems; Robert Dickman, former commander of the 45th Space Wing; soft spacesuit designer Dava J. Newman; and space architect Guillermo Trotti.

For information on the full panel, visit http://www8.nationalacademies.org/cp/CommitteeView.aspx?key=49501.

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