1983 – Randy Tidwell – My UAH Story

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Randy Tidwell

BSBA, Management, 1983

Senior Vice President
Progress Bank and Trust, Huntsville, AL


This is my UAH story…

Born and raised in Decatur, Alabama, and having a brother that had already obtained an engineering degree from UAH, I knew the value of the University and the opportunities a degree from UAH would afford me.   I, as many of the students during my time at the University, worked fulltime while attending classes.  This situation did not allow for me to connect as closely to the University as I had hoped but it did not keep me from enjoying the professor’s enthusiasm and drive to make my educational experience as engaging as possible and to enjoy the classmates that became a major part of my life.

While at UAH, I participated in the honors coursework under a professor newly hired from Vanderbilt University.  She was tough but thorough given her goal to make the best of the students under her mentorship. This experience allowed me to consult with local businesses and to use the knowledge I had obtained in class to expand the businesses’ operations while managing their expenses; allowing them to become premier businesses in their peer groups.  The experiences gained during these Honor courses have been invaluable to my now extensive business career.  Every position I have held has build upon the knowledge and experiences gained from my course work at UAH and from my professor’s mentoring.  In every step of my career, UAH has not let me down in its preparing me to serve the companies I have been a part.

After being away from the North Alabama region for many years in my career, I got an opportunity to relocate back to my hometown of Decatur.  One of my first thoughts after coming back was to give back to my University, UAH.  What better way to say thank you and to give back than by offering to serve on the Board of Directors of the Alumni Association.  I take pride in saying that I graduated from UAH and want to help move the University forward by being a participant in its future by serving it in the present.

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