2009 – Rachel Hiles Ward – My UAH Story

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Rachel Hiles Ward

BSBA, Marketing & Mangement, 2009


This is my UAH story…

Growing up just a few miles away from the college, I remember going to all of the sporting events as a child.  I would see all of the cheerleaders cheering on the Chargers, the athletes playing their hearts out for their school, and seeing the student section filled with great pride.   I knew this was the school for me. Needless to say, this is one of my favorite memories of UAHuntsville.  I loved going to the sporting events with all of my friends and cheering on the Chargers!  Of course, attending class and studying to the early hours of the morning in the library helped break up all of the fun I had.

While attending UAHuntsville, I rushed a great sorority.  I learned great skills that help me still to this day. While being in Delta Zeta, I learned to be a more well around individual, and how to conduct myself as an adult.  I loved going to our formals, recruitment, hanging out on the back porch, and all of the mixers.  One saying my sisters have is “You get out of Delta Zeta, what you put in,” and that is also the same thing about UAHuntsville.  I chose to put a lot of time into it, and I’ve gotten plenty out of it.  I was involved with just about everything I could.  When I was not at a sports event or a sorority event, I was at school for business.  I finished my four years of college with a degree in Marketing and Management.  While I was at the “BAB” (Business Administration Building), I met Ms. Plaza. She was my guiding light while I was there.  I would go to her office and sit for hours in between each class.  I never knew just sitting there talking to her would also be one of my favorite parts of college.  She taught me many life lessons I will never forget.  There are numerous professors I would still love to go back and see today.

It is hard to put into words my short time at UAHuntsville.  I loved my time there.   There were times I wished things could have been different and maybe went to a different school, but when it is all said and done, I am glad my Chargers are my home.  Go Chargers!

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