2007 – Mital Modi – My UAH Story

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Mital Modi

BS, Mechanical Engineering, 2007

Former SGA President

System Mission Manager
Missile Defense Agency
Huntsville, AL


This is my UAH Story…

UAH has always been a “University at Home” for me since I started as a Freshman in Fall 2002 pursuing a degree in Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering. Out of several engineering schools, I chose to be a student at UAH because I knew I would get one-on-one help from the faculty. College of Engineering at UAH is also one of the well known departments in the nation and I did not have to think twice in picking a college.

Highlight of my years at UAH is my involvement in the student activities, specifically the Student Government Association, Lancers, International Culture Organization, Indian Student Organization, and Kappa Delta Sorority. I enjoyed meeting students and faculty through extracurricular activities and it gave me an opportunity to get out of my comfort zone to excel from being a member to taking leadership roles. I learned to manage my activities and time, to be a team player, and even to speak in public with English being my fourth language.  I am extremely motivated to give back to UAH as alumni because my success today is all thanks to the communications and leadership skills I have obtained from the university faculty, staff, and administration through their continuous mentorship.

If you are reading my UAH Story as an upcoming student, current student, or even as an alumni, I recommend take full advantage of what UAH has to offer. Education at the university is simply EXCELLENT but also get involved and make a difference to make campus a better place.


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