1999 – Mary Beth Walker – My UAH Story

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Mary Beth Walker

MA, English, 1999

Past Executive Assistant to the President of UAHuntsville


This is my UAH story…

I became a non-traditional student at UAHuntsville when I was a mid-career adult. My undergraduate days were spent at a very large public university in another state and my experience there was vastly different from my graduate student experience at UAHuntsville. Both university experiences are important, but when I calculate the total value of each, both personally and professionally, my educational experience at UAHuntsville is number one.

As an undergraduate I was ready to experience the world of “college” which to me meant learning and studying along with dorm living, football games, sorority sisters, parties, and being truly away from home.  As a graduate student I wanted to enhance my professional qualifications and knowledge. I studied and learned with an intensity and eagerness that I did not have as an undergraduate.  UAHuntsville gave me the opportunity to do that.  My classes were always small and the professors always accessible.  I worked full time and was able to take all my courses in the evenings.  When I had to drop out for nine months of cancer therapy, my professors allowed flexibility and I was able to seamlessly return to my studies.


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