1986, 2007 – Lynn Sanderfer-Brown – My UAH Story

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Lynn Sanderfer-Brown

BS, Electrical and Computer Engineering, 1986
MS Software Engineering, Computer Engineering, 2007

Quality Assurance Consulting
Software Engineering


This is my UAH story…

When I graduated from high school in 1982, I was awarded a Teledyne Brown Engineering Minority Student Scholarship.  The stipulations were the scholarship had to be in a technical area and the recipient had to attend UAH.  Both of these concepts were just fine for me because 1)  I had graduated Salutatorian from my high school with dominant strengths in Math and English and 2) UAH was my college of choice because it was the best launch pad to a career in the Redstone Arsenal community.

In my story I want to consider first why UAH was the best college to attend in the 80’s to secure a rewarding job in Huntsville?  Well UAH was the best college because it had better academic programs.  It had a very solid engineering curricula and provided skills that the surrounding industries deemed unchallenged-able, so UAH was the college of choice for me.  You went to UAH to get a degree and secure a cool job.  UAH had a reputation for producing academic strengths that prepared its students to walk into ‘the door’ contributing.  UAH was also strategically geographically positioned to be an intimate member of the technical community and it focused its programs to do just that, … to carry on the dream of Warner Von Braun of space travel and to enhance the capabilities of the department of defense.

Attending UAH was frightening.  The curricula was very hard, but I prayed, worked very hard and graduated Cum Laude in 1986.  I actually had four job offers before trying to find a job.  God was good to me.  I later re-attended UAH to acquire an engineering master’s degree.  I found the joy of learning, not just the process of learning.   I then began doctoral studies in engineering management.  Sometimes synchronous to these studies, after travelling fairly extensively abroad, I decided to pursue knowledge of foreign languages.  I found the honors forum program and attended it faithfully for 2-3 years, and the drama program at UAH.  These extra curricula along with my membership on the UAH Alumni board of directors complete my UAH story.  UAH is a great place to study.  It is like everything else in life, you get out of it what you are willing to put in it.  But  investing in UAH and receiving from UAH has been worth it being not only a part of my UAH story but my life’s story.


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