1993 – Dr. Jeff Harper – My UAH Story

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Dr. Jeff Harper

MS, Management, 1993

Professor, Scott College of Business
Indiana State University


This is my UAH story…

I actually came to UAH’s College of Administrative Science in 1991 as a matter of convenience.  It offered the closest graduate business program to my home in Cullman.  While the convenience was great, I soon discovered that the education that was being provided to me was nothing short of exceptional.  In a very short time my professors raised my plane of thinking, challenged me to achieve more, and supported me in my own passions.  The graduate education they provided me changed my life.  It gave me the confidence, tools, and skills to allow me to set higher expectations of myself than I ever would have otherwise.  Along the way, countless UAH staff provided me with caring and meaningful advice on everything from class advising to financial aid to use of the library.

Now, 20 years later, I am able to see clearly that my Master’s degree set the tone for the successes I was to have in life.  While my career has taken me far away from the Tennessee Valley, my heart remains firmly tied to this institution that gave me so much.  I serve on the Board of Directors for the UAH Alumni Association as a way of giving back to the dedicated faculty and staff of UAH who gave me so much.  Also, I hope that my role will help in directing talented young people toward the institution and assisting graduates of UAH in beginning their careers.  Plus, I am proud to be a Charger and enjoy being a part of moving the University forward to achieve ever bigger and better things!


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