1997 – Donna Swaim Whetstone – My UAH Story

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Donna Swaim Whetstone

BSBA, Marketing, 1997

Marketing Communications Manager
Huntsville, AL


This is my UAH story…

My intention as a college freshman was to spend one year “at home” and then transfer to Auburn University to finish my degree.  However, after the first year, I knew I had found “my home” at UAHuntsville.  I became involved in Greek Life, as a member of Delta Zeta Sorority, and in other activities on campus.  I made many friends and found the classes and professors both interesting and rewarding.  So, I made the choice to stay at UAHuntsville and finish my degree.

As a sophomore, I was given the opportunity by one of my sorority sisters to go to work for Dynetics, a local, well-known defense contractor, while continuing to go to school full-time.  Almost 18 years later, I am currently the Marketing Communications Manager for Dynetics.  I know the classes and experiences I learned in the Business School (College of Administrative Science at the time) have been very instrumental in the success of my career.  I often boast that my degree is from UAHuntsville.  In my role as MarCom Manager, I have hired several UAHuntsville graduates and will continue to seek our students whenever possible.  The University’s reputation for high-quality graduates is excellent and I am proud to say that I am one of them.

As fairly new graduates, my husband and I felt that we could not financially give very much to the University that had given so much to us, so we decided that our commitment would be time.  We were both fortunate not to have student loans, as so many of our friends did, so we wanted to be able to contribute what we could financially, but we could contribute more with volunteering and staying involved on campus.  The Alumni Board has been one of those outlets for me.  I have served two terms on the board and will continue to serve as long as I can contribute.  I continue to give back because being a part of the University is rewarding to know that I could be contributing to the success of another student.

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