2003, 2009 – David Staley – My UAH Story

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David Staley

BSBA, Finance, 2003
MBA, Management, 2009

Financial Advisor
Merrill Lynch & Co.
Huntsville, AL


This is my UAH story…

My Mom remarried and moved to Huntsville in 2000 so I moved shortly after for a much needed change.  I came to UAH after going to school for a few years in Illinois where I had changed majors three times.   I was working at a local restaurant while getting my registration at UAH in order and one of my co-workers happened to be a current UAH student.  We became friends and she told me she knew a bunch of the guys in the ATO fraternity and I should meet them.  I ended up going out with her after work one night and meeting the guys.  I pledged ATO my first semester and it was one of the best things I’ve ever done.  Some of my best memories are times I spent with my brothers are they are still good friends today.  In addition to all the good times at the fraternity house, maintaining good grades was incredibly important.  I took my introductory finance classes at UAH and enjoyed them so much I pursued it as a major.  Along the way I had Dr. Burnett and Dr. Evans as professors.  They pushed me to be a better student and genuinely cared about my performance.  I have an immense amount of respect for both of them and still talk to them fairly regularly almost 10 years after graduating.  As a student, I didn’t realize the impact my time at UAH would have on me as a professional.  I wanted to stay involved with the university because of the immense respect I have for the faculty and the pride i feel in the education i received.  The hard work required to complete my undergraduate degree was well worth it and I returned in 2007 to complete my MBA in the fall of 2009.

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