1982, 1989 – David Kingsbury – My UAH Story

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David Kingsbury

BSBA, Management, 1982
MS, Management, 1989

Vice President
PointClear Solutions (Healthcare Software Innovations Company)
Huntsville, AL


This is my UAH story…

As a lifetime resident of Huntsville, I chose UAH because it was the perfect place for me to pursue my college education and while working fulltime.  During my first three years, I was loosely connected with the university only attending classes around my work schedule and rarely engaging in student life and never fully engaging my professors.  But my senior year changed dramatically when I enrolled in a senior level business management course led by Dr. Benjamin Graves.  Dr. Graves was an impressive individual with a presence that demanded respect yet he was very approachable and interested in what his students had to say.  As the class progressed he began to share his past executive management stories when he worked in the corporate world.  These stories allowed me to visualize actual events that fully captured my attention and imagination like no other professor had ever done before.  Dr. Graves responded positively and with encouragement to all my questions and invited me to visit with him in his office to talk more.   Our frequent discussions lit a fire in me making me realize executive management was where I wanted to be. He encouraged me, and pushed me in the graduate courses that followed – and he loved my ideas.  Dr. Graves changed me forever for the better.  He instilled in me a confidence that has never left me.   I became driven to work hard, take initiative, accept responsibility, make decisions when others wouldn’t, and speak out when others were quiet.  My responsibilities continued to grow in every new leadership role I took throughout my career.

I thought of those lively discussions with Dr. Graves often, as I lived out my executive management positions inside three fortune 500 companies throughout my career.  I stayed in touch with Dr. Graves throughout the years and shared my experiences with him often and we laughed as our roles changed from ‘student to professor’ to ‘colleague to colleague’.   I recently realized it’s now time I step up and fill Dr. Graves shoes reaching out to inspire others.  Remembering all those positive moments with Dr. Graves has drawn me back to UAH as an alum to share my experiences and hopefully motivate fellow UAH undergraduates, graduates, and alumni as they take important/leadership roles in their chosen fields – to uniquely contribute their abilities for the benefit of others.  It’s now my turn to honor Dr. Graves by taking pride in my alma mater and playing a small part of what continues to make UAH a great university today.

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