2010 – Robert Lindsey – My UAH Story

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Robert Lindsey

MBA, Management, 2010

Executive Technical Manager
Intergraph Corporation
Huntsville, AL


This is my UAH story…

For several years, I had given considerable thought to the possibility of pursuing an MBA degree to expand my horizons and enhance my career.  Unfortunately, there seemed to be so many obstacles in my way at the time.  Perhaps these obstacles were actually more “excuses” than anything else but, for example, I didn’t have an undergraduate degree in a business-related field, and I knew that I would be required to complete several pre-requisite undergraduate business courses if I were to ever achieve this goal.  In addition, as a working professional, convenient class schedules along with an excellent institutional reputation were imperative requirements for any candidate program – I needed to attend a local university offering evening classes and a rigorous course of study.  I was not interested in online programs offered by many universities.  I knew that is was crucial to study and interact with other working professionals in a classroom setting.  Unfortunately, there was no such program available in the area at that time.  No viable option seemed to exist for me and my particular circumstances and requirements.

I had all but abandoned my goal, and then one day I read that UAHuntsville had begun offering an MBA program with an emphasis on technology management.  This seemed perfect for me!  I already knew that UAHuntsville is an outstanding institution given my first-hand experience years ago while pursuing a Master of Computer Science degree at the university, so I decided to investigate this program immediately.  I visited Dr. Brent Wren the following week to discuss the program and my specific areas of interest, and at the conclusion of our conversation, I was so impressed and excited about the UAHuntsville MBA program that I wanted to get started that day!  I found that the undergraduate pre-requisites I needed were offered as accelerated graduate level courses, so the time investment required to complete them was actually much less than I had feared.  I learned that The College of Business at UAHuntsville is highly ranked and accredited by AACSB International, so I knew that a degree from this program would be quite valuable and worthwhile to me professionally.  The technology-based business management curriculum of the program was well-aligned with my career, and I was impressed that the faculty were nationally recognized and heavily involved in ongoing scholarly research.

The next two and a half years were some of the most enjoyable and intellectually stimulating of my entire life.  The journey was not easy, that’s for sure, but it was worth every bit of the effort that was required.  I cannot express how much I enjoyed learning from both the outstanding faculty of the UAHuntsville College of Business as well as from other working professionals as we collaborated on team projects.  I gained lasting friendships as a result of our common pursuit.  The faculty was always available and willing to assist students when needed, and went the extra mile to ensure that all of their students had the opportunity to succeed.  They were such outstanding mentors to us all.  I am so proud that I earned my MBA degree from UAHuntsville – it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  I would not hesitate to encourage anyone who wishes to earn any degree, start or further their career, or simply continue personal lifelong learning goals, to strongly consider UAHuntsville – you’ll be glad you did!

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