2013 – Autumn M. Nelson

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I have started my own graphic design business, “Autumn Nelson Designs” and it has been very successful!  Feel free to check out my new website….www.autumnnelsondesigns.com.


1985 – Linda Lusk Quinn

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August 6, 2013 – LAS VEGAS, NV – Since her career with nonprofits began nearly 20 years ago, Linda Quinn has established quite the reputation of turning an organization around from debt to success.

Quinn began her work with nonprofits with the American Red Cross while pursuing a law degree at the Birmingham School of Law. Working for a nonprofit while being enrolled in school was a challenge, but she was no stranger to having to manage her time wisely.

While pursuing an undergraduate degree in Accounting at The University of Alabama at Huntsville Quinn worked during the day and spent her nights in class.
“I have a family that consists almost entirely of accountants and nurses. I had two uncles that were CPAs and I started by going to work for one of them and then I went to school,” says Quinn. “So I worked during the day and I went to school at night at UAH. And it took me six years doing that to obtain my undergraduate degree.”
After completing her undergraduate degree, becoming a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), and taking time to have a baby Quinn decided she wanted to go back to continue her education.

At this point she moved away from Huntsville for the first time in her life and began her work with the American Red Cross in Birmingham. Once in Birmingham, she enrolled at the Birmingham School of Law and spent the next four years pursuing her second degree.

She split her time in Birmingham between her classes and her work with nonprofits. After working for the American Red Cross when she first started school, she went to work for Gateway.

Gateway is the oldest social service agency in Birmingham and is dedicated to transforming the lives of families in crisis and delivering hope to the hurting. Quinn made her mark by turning around this long running but financially strained organization into a financially strong organization. Quinn then stepped into the museum world and went to work at McWane Science Center in Birmingham. A year later, the CEO of McWane Center moved to run Discovery Place in Charlotte, NC. He immediately hired Quinn to help improve the financial status of that museum.

Although she still had a semester of law school left, Quinn was determined to make the situation work. After working a year at Discovery Place, she returned to Birmingham in order to finish her classes and graduate. By the time she completed her law degree she was the Executive Vice President at Discovery Place.
Quinn was making a practice of leaving her financial mark on every nonprofit organization she worked for. When she began working at Discovery Place, it was broke. When she left they had $2.1 million in cash reserves.

According to her, “A lot of my strength has been to come in and to fix the nonprofits and to really look at them strategically and identify where their problems are and balance it with the mission. I love the fact that nonprofits are mission-oriented and therefore you really have a reason to come to work and feel better at night when you’ve gotten something done and it all goes toward the mission.”

Quinn credits her ability to turn organizations around to her background in accounting. She learned early on to be strategic and to set up systems that are going to sustain a company and allow them to grow.

In 2006, the board of trustees of Lied discovery Children’s Museum hired Quinn to turn around a financially struggling museum with a going-concern audit. The museum was in debt and outdated. Quinn put strategies in place that replaced two thirds of the exhibits and improved the educational programs. The result was a financially strong museum with attendance that had doubled.

With these improvements in place Quinn, her staff, and the Board of Trustees began to focus on the museum’s long-term vision of relocating to a new facility. The vision of a new home had been in place before Quinn was hired but there was no strategic plan. Quinn built a plan that focused on creating a new world class learning experience for the children in Southern Nevada. The museum selected some of the best exhibit design firms across the country and with talented staff, designed nine unique exhibit galleries focused on the arts and sciences. This $50 million project was launched during a bad economy, but to the credit of the community and the board of trustees, the campaign was successful.
“I grew up in a city [Huntsville] that was focused on science and innovation. It has been a dream come true to inspire children to learn more about the arts and sciences, especially in a city that is not often focused on children.”

Their hard work paid off and Lied Discovery Children’s Museum reopened in Symphony Park as th DISCOVERY Children’s Museum on March 9, 2013. Since the opening the museum has seen a dramatic increase in the number of visitors attending as well as renewed citywide interest in the museum. The new museum is projected to reach an annual visitation of 350,000 families and children, making it one of the larger children’s museums in the country.

Now that DISCOVERY Children’s Museum has been open for almost five months, Quinn is shifting her focus to the future.
“It’s time for a new master plan. There is always more to learn, and therefore always more to teach.”

Whatever direction the DISCOVERY Children’s Museum takes in the near future, it will be under good direction with Quinn at the helm.



2001 – J. Caleb Clanton

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Tom Post, Publicity Manager

The University of Tennessee Press

110 Conference Center

Knoxville, TN 37996-4108

Phone: (865)-974-5466

Fax: (865) 974-3724



June 6, 2013

J. Caleb Clanton’s The Philosophy Of Religion of Alexander Campbell released by University of Tennessee Press

KNOXVILLE—The University of Tennessee Press and University of Alabama-Huntsville alumnus J. Caleb Clanton, PhD, are pleased to announce the release of The Philosophy of Religion of Alexander Campbell (University of Tennessee Press).

The Philosophy of Religion of Alexander Campbell reintroduces readers to Campbell as a philosopher of religion and explores the philosophical basis for his views underlying his religious movement. It begins with a highly readable discussion on Campbell’s role in antebellum American religion and proceeds to an exploration of his philosophical influences. J. Caleb Clanton then reconstructs, explains, and evaluates Campbell’s philosophy of religion. He critically examines Campbell’s unique, revealed-idea argument for the existence of God—that is. If God did not exist, we could not form the distinct idea of God.

J. Caleb Clanton is an associate professor of philosophy and University Research Professor at Lipscomb University in Nashville.

To purchase the book or for more information, visit University of Tennessee Press at http://www.utpress.org



1981 – Jerri McLain

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Jerri McLain, master of Administrative Science, UAH, ’81, has been elected president of the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at UAHuntsville.  OLLI, an organization of some 800 members, provides seniors who reside in north Alabama with opportunities for intellectual development, cultural stimulation and social interaction.  OLLI’s Lifelong Learning Program was recognized by MONEY magazine as one of the most attractive reasons for retiring in Huntsville.  Offering non-credit classes in fall, winter and spring terms, OLLI also sponsors day trips, industrial tours, and Wednesday Bonuses.  The OLLI UAH Scholarship is funded by contributions by members of this volunteer organization.  Supported by an endowment from the Osher Foundation, OLLI at UAHuntsville is one of a network of more than 120 programs located on campuses throughout the United States.  Contact 256-824-6183 or www.PCS.uah.edu/OLLI.  For further information, Jerri can also be contacted at  mclainblue@gmail.com, or 256-682-0823.



2012 – Brandi Kelley

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Brandi Kelley has received Certifications in Adult and Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED conducted by American Red Cross (Madison/Marshall Co. Chapters) as of May 21, 2013.


2006 – Jonathon Walden

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Featured in “The Marshall Star” on May 29, 2013:

Marshall at Work:  Design for SLS Adapters all in the Drawings of Engineer Jonathon Walden
By Megan Davidson

When a scholarship to The University of Alabama in Huntsville opened the door to an engineering degree for Jonathon Walden, it opened another door to him as well — a job at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, designing a crucial piece of flight hardware for the Space Launch System (SLS).

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2001, 2009 – Yeow Chye Ng

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Yeow Chye Ng received his PhD in Nursing from UAB on May 11, 2013.  He was named the 2013 Outstanding Graduate Student (Doctoral) in Nursing.


1983, 1988 – Daco S. Auffenorde

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Contact Person:           Daco S. Auffenorde

39 Castle Down Drive

Huntsville, AL 35802

(256) 880-6236 home
(256) 533-5383 office

(256) 430-6097 cell


Email:                          dacoauffenorde@comcast.net

Website:                      http://www.authordaco.com





Debut author Daco Auffenorde, penning as “Daco,” a long-time resident of Huntsville, Alabama, is pleased to announce that her romantic suspense THE LIBRA AFFAIR will be published by Crimson Romance, a Division of F+W Media, Inc. The book is set to be released on April 8th, 2013. It will be available from Amazon.com, BN.com, and other eBook retailers. A print-on-demand version is planned as well; it will be available later in the year.

When not practicing law with her husband at Auffenorde & Auffenorde, P.C., Daco spends her time writing novels and managing the busy lives of two children. Her education includes a B.A. and M.A.S. from the University of Alabama in Huntsville and J.D. from Samford University’s Cumberland School of Law. She is a member of the International Thriller Writers, the Romance Writers of America, the Author’s Guild, and the Alabama State Bar.

Fascinated with thrillers and spy movies, the idea for The Libra Affair spawned one Saturday morning over coffee and a newspaper. The hot topic of the day was Iran, nuclear war, China, trade imbalance, and espionage.

The backdrop of the story questions what goes on behind the scenes in the political realm; what the public never really knows. The plot already in play is a covert scheme aimed at achieving a more equitably balanced world economy. This time it’s the Russians and Americans tripping up the Chinese by creating the appearance of a world war between the Middle East and Europe. To level the playing field, the idea is to draw unwitting players into a political quagmire and take control of the game by rearranging allies. This can only happen once the heroine launches a missile buried in remote desert of Iran, which she intends to aim at Germany. In order to prevent an actual war, the missile must then be destroyed midair by an undetectable laser scheduled to launch on SpaceX Falcon 9. Success comes down to precision timing and no mistakes.

When a targeted NASA scientist follows the heroine into Iran, he changes the game. The fate of the world now hinges on the love of this one man who is willing to risk all for the only woman he’s ever cared about, and one woman, a CIA covert operative, who must learn that in life we’re allowed to embrace love.

Beyond the basic plot and love story, The Libra Affair offers a glimpse at Persian culture, religion, and the hardships suffered by the average citizen at the cost of their misguided leaders. Another of the book’s themes involves the destruction of space debris—a real and significant problem for inhabitants of Earth.


Nothing can stand in the way of Jordan Jakes launching a missile in a remote desert of Iran. Not even Ben Johnson, the NASA scientist she’s targeted. Against all odds, Ben follows Jordan, placing not only the mission at risk, but also the fate of the world. Everything hinges on the strength of their love.


Crimson Romance, a new eBook romance imprint from F+W Media, Inc., was launched in June 2012. Website: http://www.crimsonromance.com.

For additional information or to get a review copy, contact: Daco S. Auffenorde at (256) 880-6236 home or (256) 533-5383 work, or email: dacoauffenorde@comcast.net.


1983 – Virginia “Ginger” Barnes

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Virginia “Ginger” Barnes (BSBA, Accounting ’83) has been named Vice President and Program Manager for Boeing’s Space Launch System, or SLS, program effective May 10.


2008 – Andrew Judge & 2007 – Lee Henderson Judge

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Andrew Judge (BA, Communications ’08) and Lee Henderson Judge (BA, Communications ’07) have established Sugar Belle cupcake truck in Huntsville/Madison, Alabama.

Read more at www.al.com …