Perspectives of Orientation: From the Eyes of Old and New Students

What’s ahead? Who will I meet? Will I enjoy college? So many questions to answer as I prepared for college, yet there were still questions I didn’t even know to ask.  It was like trying to see through a brick wall. I couldn’t tell what was on the other side until I walked around it.


These were the thoughts that ran through my head as I prepared to attend MY New Student Orientation two years ago. I didn’t know what to expect. I had forgotten how I felt at that time until I recently volunteered at one of the Organization Fairs during Orientation.  I was in awe watching everyone and seeing all of the freshman… like a blast to the past.  Quite a beautiful picture, seeing students experiencing college for the very first time.


One of my younger sisters ranks among the incoming freshman this year. She had her New Student Orientation sometime mid-June. I think she was fairly nervous, as well as excited and shy. I made sure to help her beforehand and explained all she would be doing once she arrived. I sat down with her and and helped her determine how to find classes in banner, plan out a class schedule, and look up professors.  Also, she learned that students are given access codes by college advisors to officially register for classes. Needless to say she was the first of her group at Orientation to finish signing up for classes! I wish I had that advantage when I was at my Orientation (I bet tons of other students do as well)!  Of course there is more mystery in figuring it out on your own.


I never expected to actually go with her to Orientation, but I was willing and available if she needed me to. She ended up attending with our mom, but I was asked  to join her for the afternoon sessions. They both agreed she may get more out of it with me for the remainder of the day. I could help with situations where she didn’t know anyone such as eating in the cafeteria, mingling at the ice cream social, seeing the Mind Reader, etc.  So I gladly joined her.


We ate, with friends we had both never met before, then snatched seats and grabbed popcorn to see the mentalist! Let me just say this about seeing Joshua Seth… Everyone’s mind by the end = BLOWN!  Amazing.


Afterwards, my sister and I went up to her room and talked about the day and what it will be like riding together as commuters to college. We also went through the materials she picked up at the Organizational Fair to see what organizations she thought she may want to be a part of here at UAH. Eventually I had to leave her, but hopefully I helped her orientation to be less scary than mine.


Keep calm and Charge ON!



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Hello Future Chargers! New Student Orientation is eagerly awaiting your arrival! We hope you are ready to transition to Charger Nation by attending one of our many orientation sessions this summer.  What is Orientation you ask? Well, it’s only the best thing since sliced bread! But no really -it’s one of the first memories you will make in your collegiate experience. Make it count!


At Orientation you will:


Meet with an Academic Advisor to discuss academic expectations and register for classes
Get your Charger Card (Student ID)
Discover tools to enable your academic success at UAHuntsville
Explore opportunities to get involved on-campus
Arrange for on-campus Housing
Learn about the campus and traditions
Meet and socialize with current and new students
And much more!

One of the first things you will learn about New Student Orientation is that we have a group of 20 AMAZING Student Leaders called Orientation Leaders (OLs).  These students will not only serve as your mentors and guides for your orientation, but also your source of entertainment.  We want to make sure you are getting connected with other students and campus. Be prepared to speak-up, dance, and have fun!  Our OLs have been doing a lot of prepping and preparing for your arrival! From training – to conferences- to stuffing over 1,000 bags! See the pictures below for a sneak peek!





Another great thing about Orientation is the connections to campus you will make. You will take part in several UAH traditions including- Learning the Fight song, signing the UAH Monument, & having your picture made with Charger Blue. Did we forget to tell you about all the UAH gear you will get?  Your first UAH book bag, t-shirt, sunglasses, cup and more!   Excited yet?!



Lastly, and most importantly– you are entering a university that is rich in diversity, abounds with opportunity and is a place of personal and global discovery. You will get all the help you need and more from our wonderful faculty and staff to help you succeed academically on our campus.


So are you ready to join the Charger Nation?! Visit for more information and to register. You can also reach us at  Get connected early! UAH Orientation is on Twitter, Facebook, & Instagram. We also have our own app! Download the FREE app Guidebook and search “UAH Orientation” for our interactive guide to Orientation.


See you soon!  With Charger Pride!

Jenny Russell, Assistant Director of New Student Orientation and Family Programs


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