Get Involved: Student Alabama Education Association

Written by: Candace Rose

If you’re interested in volunteering and bettering the lives of local children, the Student Alabama Education Association might be the club for you!

The UAH chapter of SAEA began as a pre-professional campus organization for education majors looking to connect to their state to make a difference. Now, the SAEA opens its arms to students of every major and seeks to reach out to local children to expose them to new learning experiences. As the organization grows under the leadership of Dr. Monica Dillihunt and President Jessica Gore, more opportunities arise to make a difference in the lives of children in the Huntsville area.

According to the UAH SAEA website, “The organization’s purpose is to make pre-service teachers more aware of their role, issues, and problems in education.” Essentially, the organization provides a space for education students to meet others and partner up with interested parties to commit to community outreach. Some past projects include painting murals at University Place Elementary, Auburn’s Outreach to Teach program, and Camp Autism Smiles attendance.

Currently, the SAEA has several events planned for this semester such as a Praxis Workshop, a School Supply Drive, and Midterm and Final Exam Study Sessions for UAH students of any major. More events are in the works, and the SAEA hopes to see you in meeting soon!

Members will be updated about volunteer opportunities and meeting via e-mail communication. If you are interested in joining, please e-mail with your name and any questions you may have. Membership to the SAEA amounts to $35 and an online application which can be found at

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Event Spotlight: ATO’s Battle of the Buffalo

Written By Mark Creel

My favorite student organized event on campus is by far the Battle of the Buffalo! Of course I may be biased because I am a part of the organization that puts it on, but don’t take my word for it… Ask any current student of UAH and see what they have to say about Battle of the Buffalo! Also, visit for updates on Battle of the Buffalo and watch the video at the top of the page to get more information on the event!


Battle of the Buffalo is a HUGE wings festival put on by the men of Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity in memory of a brother who died of leukemia in 2007.  The brother’s name was Paul “Fish” Salmon and all of his treatment was received at Clearview Cancer Institute (CCI), which is less than a mile from campus.  All of the money raised from the event goes directly to CCI and it has gone to help countless families that rely on the facility.


The 5th Annual Battle of the Buffalo, and most recent, had over 2,500 people in attendance and raised almost $30,000 for CCI.  Also, the event made up over 40% of the philanthropy money raised by the entire Greek community at UAH.


Some of the things that CCI has been able to afford through the past donations of Battle of the Buffalo are a bench in Paul’s honor, a blanket warmer for chemotherapy patients, and a microscope that can help doctors reduce the time needed for diagnosis from 1 month to less than 1 hour. These can all be seen below.  I’m excited to see how they put the money raised from this year’s Battle of the Buffalo to work to improve the lives of cancer patients in the Huntsville area!


This is the bench donated in Paul's honor.


Also donated in memory of Paul is this towel warmer to help make chemotherapy patients more comfortable during their sessions.


This is the microscope donated to reduce the time need for diagnosis.


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Frederic’s ACE Story: Being Involved, Getting Paid & Having Fun!

Written by: Frederic Bass


Hello, my name is Frederic Bass and I want to share with you why I chose to attend school at UAHuntsville along with one of my awesome experiences volunteering and working for one of our student organizations, ACE (Association for Campus Entertainment). The reason I  chose UAHuntsville was due to the fact that when I first got here I wanted to become an Aerospace Engineer. Airplanes always fascinated me since both my mother and father were in the Air Force. UAHuntsville was and still is one of the best quality and affordable engineering colleges in the southern region. The university also offers several opportunities in the line of co-ops and internships, so my decision was obvious.


As mentioned before I was a part of the Association for Campus Entertainment (ACE) board. I LOVED every second of the work I did with ACE!  My official title was the Director of Entertainment and my job literally was to work with and hire comedians, musicians, magicians, hypnotists, illusionists, as well as several other acts to come perform for our students… FOR FREE.


One of my favorite memories was when the university paid for me and a few other ACE board members to go to Covington, Kentucky for a conference called NACA (National Association for Campus Activities). I was paid for three days to watch comedians and various artist perform. We then had to make executive decisions about who to hire to come perform for the students at UAHuntsville! Due to my involvement with ACE I also got to MC for Kip Moore and dance on stage with 3OH!3. I was able to build connections through the organization which led to me working as a summer Orientation Leader and in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions as a campus tour guide.


Volunteering for ACE was a great experience! Not only was I able to get an inside look on what board meetings were like, but I found a passion that made me change my major to what it is now, Communication Arts. Joining organizations on campus, ACE or otherwise, opens many great experiences that can lead to several other benefits. UAHuntsville has over 110 student organizations that you can join, from ACE to a Tom shoes club, to a hammock club, to religious and honors organizations. The choice is YOURS!


Me with Comedian Jen Kober

Backstage with Kip Moore

Working as the MC for the Kip Moore Concert

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Leadership Retreat in Memphis

As my last semester at UAHuntsville finally rolled in, I spent my first weekend at a SGA Retreat focusing on leadership. Before classes could become overwhelming with doubled responsibilities, we went on the two day SGA Spring Retreat (I know, it was cold and January but it us the Spring semester hence the name “Spring Retreat!”).  This semester we went to Memphis, Tennessee and stayed on the University of Memphis’ campus. We met with their SGA representatives for a discussion on how we run our programs and then we toured their relatively new student center, one that UAHuntsville looked to for inspiration for our own Charger Union building which is still under construction.


The rest of our time was spent on various leadership development exercises, but we did make time to visit the National Civil Rights Museum! For lunch, we even had the chance to eat local BBQ at the famous Central BBQ, which has been featured multiple times on the Travel Channel and which everyone loved! As for just vising the city, it was an official trip with a tight agenda so tourism wasn’t the focus. I did have the opportunity to see downtown Memphis with some friends; Beale Street which the city’s famous for and Main Street, which was my personal favorite.


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Austin’s ROTC Experience

Written by Austin Johnson


Like some of you, I have grown up in a family that has been highly involved in the military. From the experiences that I have gained through my military upbringing, I quickly realized that being able to pursue a career in the military while also getting a solid education in college was important to me.


Let’s start on what really sold me on attending UAHuntsville. This was due to all of the large amount of resources that the university offered while being such a close knit community. I chose to major in Finance due to my love of investing money and watching stocks. Some of the classes here at UAHuntsville have provided me the opportunity to invest other people’s money in stocks and investments, and I even receive a grade while doing it!


At the beginning of my college search I planned on attending a larger university, but shortly realized that UAHuntsville was my home. Everything from the Greek life, sporting events, religious organizations and the academic major related clubs and activities attracted me to this campus.


As I said before, one of my biggest concerns while searching for a college was being able to pursue a career in the military while being a student. UAHuntsville’s ROTC program has offered me this opportunity! One really cool experience I have had with the ROTC program is using land navigation. Basically, they teach you how to navigate unknown land with a map and a compass. The best part is they place you on a plot of land that you  are not familiar with and say “Go”. It is definitely a really cool hands-on experience that is a necessary skill for an Army Officer! Now you could take me anywhere and I could find my way back to UAHuntsville with only a map and a compass.


A huge part of the ROTC program is leadership. By my junior year in the program I will have the opportunity to lead other cadets in morning physical training, field training exercises, and classroom instructions. With this leadership experience and the knowledge from my Finance classes I will have the necessary resources for a successful brokerage career. I would not have had the amount of opportunities I have been provided at UAHuntsville so far if I would have not chosen to get involved and to live on campus. So, find what you enjoy doing while in college and pursue it!

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National Space Symposium!

In April, I and three other students attended the National Space Symposium in Colorado Springs.  Many of world’s leaders in Space Technology were there to meet and discuss the future of Space Travel and their companies.  We represented the National Space Grant Consortium which funds students throughout the United States.


While we were there, the symposium held New Generation sessions for students who are pursing careers in the Space Industry. We had opportunities to hang with many people who have made significant impacts in space technology.  At the first event two of us sat and talked with Dan Collins (ULA CEO). He had some great advice for students pursing careers in the space industry.  He said you need to constantly be challenging yourself, to make yourself better, and keep learning.  Also to make sure, when you do reach the job you want, to make sure you have a boss that appreciates you and the work you do. We also had the pleasure of hanging with Joel Scotkin (Masten Space System’s CEO).  He showed us what Masten has achieved and what they want to achieve.


Mike Griffin (former Adminitrator of NASA & professor at UAH), John Horack (VP of Research), and John Gregory (Director of Alabama Space Grant) from UAH also attened the conference. Dr. Horack and Dr. Gregory introduced us to a lot of great people.

We all had a great time and learned a lot about the space industry. And it was also a bonus to be right beside the Rocky Mountains and Cheyenne Mountain. ;)





PICS! ^_^







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The BIG Event

Last Saturday, I had to get up early. Now no one likes getting up at 6:45am on a Saturday morning unless, well they offer you a deal you cannot refuse. So that’s what SGA (Student Government Association) did last Saturday when they offered us a breakfast, a T-shirt and a lunch on top of a great volunteering opportunity! I have been very busy with classes and work but really, I remembered how much fun last year’s event was so I had to force myself to wake up as I knew I’d be glad later.


The Big Event is a community service event organized by SGA and 2012 we celebrated the second annual event with double the numbers from the first year. I got there still sleepy eyed at 7:30am to chow down on some biscuit with juice; I don’t quite like big, meaty breakfast (hope I haven’t offended anyone!). I had received an e-mail stating that I’d be volunteering at NASA this year. Last year, I helped paint at Downtown Rescue Mission and really felt like I had helped in a small way so I was looking forward to volunteering this year. All 240 students had a place assigned and we all got bussed over to and from the location.


I ended up pressure washing the concrete grounds at NASA, not the most glamorous task but it was fairly fun operating the pressure washer. First time for everything! Back on campus we had lunch with friends, the day was beautiful so the Saturday morning had ended more productively than usual.

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What’s so great about student organizations?

Typically, enrolling in college or any other kind of degree or certification program is to obtain the knowledge and  credentials and such, but, like most, it means to an end journeys there are usually things along the way that are worth occupying your time with. I’m an academic nerd which makes me biased, but, I think the courses we take (even those out of our areas of study) often provide us with information that will not only make us better at what we plan do for the rest of our lives, but can (if taken seriously) contribute to us becoming better people.


Admittedly, these courses and experiences only give us the tools to do so. We have to decide how and where we implement them.  I often hear athletics,  fraternities, and sororities looked to as the ideal on-campus activities, but I strongly suggest that you don’t count out other student organizations.  I’m currently holding officer positions in two student organizations and they’re an absolutely wonderful way to apply many of the things that my classes have taught me.


On campus organizations like College Democrats, College Republicans, Green Club, P.O.W.E.R (People Organized for the Equality and Rights of Women) , Ratio Christi (an organization devoted to looking at politics through a christian lens), Gay-Straight Alliance, InFocus (a group focused on bridging the gap between domestic and international students), and countless others interact with students lives in a way that the coursework isn’t able to. They’ve also allowed me to meet some absolutely wonderful people while doing it.

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Fiesta Time!

I recently noticed that it was that time of semester again, middle of the semester when you start counting down to Spring Break. So to have a light pick me up with friends, I planned a Cookin’ Extravaganza with Spanish Club. I’ve been the Spanish Club President for a while and it’s always hard to think of fun ideas that are also cultural, but recently we had a successful fundraiser so I wanted to splurge a little. So we decided on a cooking night where we’d cook Hispanic food together and afterwards, sit down and talk about our experiences traveling in Latin America.


After a little bit of research we got all the ingredients for Catalan Sauteed Polenta and Butter Beans (check out the recipe here!), which is very fun dish since it’s such a different combination of familiar tastes! And we had Stovetop Fideos, (recipe’s here) which is a type of pasta with beans. We also made guacamole and bean paste French Baguette sandwiches.


It was great cooking everything, we had at least 10 people in the small kitchen with more rotating in and out! It was a definitely a group effort and I felt very accomplished with my Head Chef skills,  we didn’t burn anything! Try cooking the recipes yourself!



Of course the food was delicious and so many students came by and tried it. We ended up talking about where we wanted to travel to and our South American friends told us about how it’s like there. Needless to say it was a great evening and I’m already looking forward to planning another one.

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