Frederic’s ACE Story: Being Involved, Getting Paid & Having Fun!

Written by: Frederic Bass


Hello, my name is Frederic Bass and I want to share with you why I chose to attend school at UAHuntsville along with one of my awesome experiences volunteering and working for one of our student organizations, ACE (Association for Campus Entertainment). The reason I  chose UAHuntsville was due to the fact that when I first got here I wanted to become an Aerospace Engineer. Airplanes always fascinated me since both my mother and father were in the Air Force. UAHuntsville was and still is one of the best quality and affordable engineering colleges in the southern region. The university also offers several opportunities in the line of co-ops and internships, so my decision was obvious.


As mentioned before I was a part of the Association for Campus Entertainment (ACE) board. I LOVED every second of the work I did with ACE!  My official title was the Director of Entertainment and my job literally was to work with and hire comedians, musicians, magicians, hypnotists, illusionists, as well as several other acts to come perform for our students… FOR FREE.


One of my favorite memories was when the university paid for me and a few other ACE board members to go to Covington, Kentucky for a conference called NACA (National Association for Campus Activities). I was paid for three days to watch comedians and various artist perform. We then had to make executive decisions about who to hire to come perform for the students at UAHuntsville! Due to my involvement with ACE I also got to MC for Kip Moore and dance on stage with 3OH!3. I was able to build connections through the organization which led to me working as a summer Orientation Leader and in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions as a campus tour guide.


Volunteering for ACE was a great experience! Not only was I able to get an inside look on what board meetings were like, but I found a passion that made me change my major to what it is now, Communication Arts. Joining organizations on campus, ACE or otherwise, opens many great experiences that can lead to several other benefits. UAHuntsville has over 110 student organizations that you can join, from ACE to a Tom shoes club, to a hammock club, to religious and honors organizations. The choice is YOURS!


Me with Comedian Jen Kober

Backstage with Kip Moore

Working as the MC for the Kip Moore Concert

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Campus Living Experience!

Written by: Rachel Bray


We all know that a college’s academic reputation is important, and in my opinion UAHuntsville’s is amazing! Another important aspect of a university is the living quarters. As a resident assistant here at UAHuntsville, I can tell you that the residence halls are one of a kind! All of our halls are suite style, so you get your very own room. You also have your own sink and only share a bathroom with one other person.


Along with the fabulous amenities available within the halls, there are always a lot of activities going on. Nearly every week, resident assistants (like me) host FREE programs for the residents- oftentimes providing a free meal! These programs make it easy to get involved in the residence hall and to get to know your neighbors. Another advantage to living on campus is simply the convenience. You are minutes away from any campus event. You’re even  just a short walk away from any of the wonderful dining options such as Papa Johns, Chick-fil-a, and the Charger Cafe.


After commuting my first year and living on campus my second year, there really is no comparison. I would not trade my on campus living experience for anything. In order to get the most of your college experience, it is important to live on campus and experience all that UAHuntsville’s housing department has to offer. You can get more information about housing and apply online here!



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Why Choose UAHuntsville?

Written by: Adam Neal


My name is AJ and I am currently a sophomore majoring in Accounting and Finance in the College of Business Administration here at UAHuntsville. I wanted to share with you the many reasons why I decided to pursue my higher education at UAHuntsville and am proud to be a Charger! I am known as a triple legacy at the university because my father holds degrees from UAHuntsville as well as my mother and brother. My father’s success in his career has shown me that a good education from a well respected university is crucial in the job market today. I chose my major of Accounting and Finance due to the amazing College of Business that the university offers. Within the business department there are great faculty and staff members that have changed my outlook on the world and my goals.


One of the best things about UAHuntsville is that the professors work very closely with students to help us achieve academic success. A great number of the professors have either worked in their field of study or are currently working in their field and teaching classes. This allows the professors to instruct students with their knowledge of the real world, and gives the students a perspective not often found in textbooks.


Another great part of UAHuntsville is the availability of student job opportunities on campus. These are great for students who want to earn money in college while not sacrificing class time. My personal experience with an on-campus position has been quite an extraordinary one. I work in the Office of Admissions as a Student Ambassador and have built a large network of connections through my position. The skills and connections that I have attained are very valuable, and I would highly recommend working on campus to future students!


Once again my name is AJ and I approve this message. Go Chargers!



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Austin’s ROTC Experience

Written by Austin Johnson


Like some of you, I have grown up in a family that has been highly involved in the military. From the experiences that I have gained through my military upbringing, I quickly realized that being able to pursue a career in the military while also getting a solid education in college was important to me.


Let’s start on what really sold me on attending UAHuntsville. This was due to all of the large amount of resources that the university offered while being such a close knit community. I chose to major in Finance due to my love of investing money and watching stocks. Some of the classes here at UAHuntsville have provided me the opportunity to invest other people’s money in stocks and investments, and I even receive a grade while doing it!


At the beginning of my college search I planned on attending a larger university, but shortly realized that UAHuntsville was my home. Everything from the Greek life, sporting events, religious organizations and the academic major related clubs and activities attracted me to this campus.


As I said before, one of my biggest concerns while searching for a college was being able to pursue a career in the military while being a student. UAHuntsville’s ROTC program has offered me this opportunity! One really cool experience I have had with the ROTC program is using land navigation. Basically, they teach you how to navigate unknown land with a map and a compass. The best part is they place you on a plot of land that you  are not familiar with and say “Go”. It is definitely a really cool hands-on experience that is a necessary skill for an Army Officer! Now you could take me anywhere and I could find my way back to UAHuntsville with only a map and a compass.


A huge part of the ROTC program is leadership. By my junior year in the program I will have the opportunity to lead other cadets in morning physical training, field training exercises, and classroom instructions. With this leadership experience and the knowledge from my Finance classes I will have the necessary resources for a successful brokerage career. I would not have had the amount of opportunities I have been provided at UAHuntsville so far if I would have not chosen to get involved and to live on campus. So, find what you enjoy doing while in college and pursue it!

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Wilson Rocks!

I don’t know about you guys, but when I start working, I want to end up doing quality work, but to also have fun and play like a kid everyday.  I want to enjoy it.  Love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life.  Its awesome that everyone else I meet up with in the art department has this same attitude.  Who doesn’t enjoy it?  I’m sure other majors are the same.  This is the reason though that to me I think Wilson Hall is awesome.  My favorite place happens to be in the sculpture studio in Roberts Hall, but its still part of the art department.  However, I don’t know if I’m allowed to take pictures of the tools and things there.


I can’t resist putting up the pics I took of Wilson the other week though!  People have to see them.  There is no way anyone but art, nursing, professional studies and (maybe) CCRH residents could have seen it.


Couldn’t pass the opportunity.





See? Isn’t it awesome? One day everyone was talking about the giraffes on top of the building and I was like, “What? Let me see…”   I hadn’t seen them up there before.  Eventually, I was able to go outside and I immediately thought, “THAT is so cool!”  And I snapped some pictures.  Somehow they made it up there all the way from Roberts Hall (where they had been before) and ended up on the roof of Wilson.  No one knows how they got there. Not even the sculpture professor knows.


Its also really weird because I’m pretty sure that the roof door is kept locked at all times (I know I’ve tried).  Maybe the janitor did it.  Or possibly the sculptor of the giraffes himself.  However, I don’t know how he’d get permission for that.  Who knows?

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Oh coffee, where art thou?

When challenged with the task of telling you about my favorite place on campus, I had to pause and consider all the options. There is the table under the shade of the tree by the UC where I have sat and talked for hours with a friend, and there is the courtyard behind Shelby where my husband and I have sat and talked shop on my lunch break.  Then it hit me…COFFEE!!


There are several locations around UAH where you can grab a cup of the divine liquid in your favorite form:  iced, hot, with chocolate or any combination that suits your taste. My favorite place to indulge in that heavenly beverage is at the Starbucks in the library. When I first started attending UAH, I didn’t realize there was a Starbucks in the library! What a wonderful way to combine my favorite things: coffee and books!


The first floor of the library is pretty great for several reasons. From the clean, contemporary furnishings to the amazing fragrance of freshly brewed coffee, to the Art Gallery and the displays of artifacts and findings from other countries, this is a place where you can sit and enjoy a good book, quietly research for a paper or just sip your java and people watch. It’s a great respite from a busy day, and isn’t overly crowded most of the time.


This past week, as I exited my Business Writing class on the second floor, I was struck by a new smell…the aroma of fried food. I followed my nose down the stairs and around the corner to find several people handing out samples of what appeared to be egg rolls and dumplings. I love food (who doesn’t?), and ordinarily, I would have sampled a few bites of what was offered, but I’m currently eating well in an effort to lose some weight and decided against it. Next time I get the chance to try new foods, I will. :)


All this to say that if I have a favorite place on campus (I find it hard to choose ONE) it would be there in the library, on the first floor, where the smell of coffee, the atmosphere of art and learning, and the community of students all come together.


Where is your favorite place on campus?

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Yeah I’m new, but not that awkward.

Hey! I’m Elizabeth! I’m a sophomore and I am absolutely loving it here at UAHuntsville!

Things I like to do: trying new art mediums, figure skating, volunteering, backstage work for productions, making lame jokes and playing around like a 3 yr old.  I’m a Graphic Design major (technically Studio Art) and I’m hoping to do the BFA program as well as the Web Cognate.


This semester I am extremely excited for…… well, alot actually.


Empower leadership program:  Volunteering, meetings, and people (I love volunteering for events and things, there’s alaways lots of networking, plus its good work experience, that people let you in on for free).  I love my Empower people and am lucky to be in the same program with them.


My intro to graphic design class:  I was told by my prof that we’re going to make t-shirts with robots on them that reflect our personalities, and later, design our own skateboard decks (why YES I’m excited).


Art club:  We’ve been talking about a New York trip for a while, so we’ll see how much closer we’ll get to that goal this year.


UAHuntsville Homecoming: I’m helping with advertising for TRUE Charger’s Movie Night. So sometime later this month I’ll be sent to run around campus like a mad man for putting up posters.  That will be interesting and so much fun! And I can’t wait to see the movie (don’t know if I can start telling, but the film is going to be Accepted!) I’ve never seen it myself before, so… yep!   #meetmeattheslab #BYOBlanket


But most importantly, I’m always looking forward to meeting new people!!  I’ve met a lot of interesting people through various random situations, including one time that involved a huge hoop skirt I borrowed from the theatre department.  I needed it for a volunteer thing in the UC.  Then I ended up meeting a lady who asked me about the dress and told me that she participates in Civil War reenactments up in Tennessee.  Stuff like that.  So its kinda fun actually.


Cool beans, and Charge ON!

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Day 14 – The End?

How did we ever get to this day? Is this really the last day in our two-week class already? Impossible. But here we are, at the Senate Hall, almost a déjà vu of the first day. This time, each student is asked to share our thoughts on our experiences. Each faculty member also says a few words, then Rector Folcut hands out the certificates and shakes each student’s hand. We go outdoors to take pictures with everyone.

Before dinner Alexandra promises to take us to a store where she purchased her traditional Romanian shirt. Becca, Molly, Randi, Emily, Ami, and I go there and ransack the place as if we found a New York City closeout sale. All of the prices are the most reasonable I saw compared to those in the shopping districts. I find a red traditional dress modeled by the mannequin in the front window; it fits perfectly! I find a few other shirts keeping in mind of the women in my family. While Alex tries on a shirt and a dress, Emily and I purchase it for her in thankfulness. We look at a few more stores around the area, and even a shoe store with every different color combination in every style you can fathom: teal and purple, red and green, blue and black – unreal for westerners, but very normal for Romanians.

I return to RAU with my new goodies and other students who did not go inquire about my purchases. I show them my dress, and they collectively determine that I MUST wear it for tonight’s dinner. I grimace in reply but do so anyways. As a person who likes to wear only one outfit for the day (and jeans and a t-shirt is my favorite go-to outfit), prior to this dress, I already changed my wardrobe twice and am lazy when it comes to “gussying up” for an occasion.

We head to the 18 Restaurant, located at a tall building near the university. And as its name denotes, it is on the 18th floor. There is a marvelous view, but like all places of Romania and because it is located at the top, it is a tad warm for me. We take pictures like fiends loving the paparazzi, and enjoy ordered drinks and the buffet style dinner. There is mention of possible dancing here, but the dinner ends before it ever starts. The professors speak to one another, and so do the students. We get a chance to say goodbye to one another, but none of the students want to leave. Horia suggests and organizes to go to a pub/restaurant for more refreshments that he claims is nearby. I have been on this trip for 14 days, and know a European’s definition of nearby is not the same as the Americans. However, myself, and the others with uncomfortable shoe wear, grin our teeth and bear it for the sake of the group. Part of me hopes it translates to mean a five minute walk. This walk is twenty, in the deep nested areas of the park. Once we arrive, we sit and do our best to cool and not get stung by more mosquitoes. I turn on the anti-mosquito fan I carry everywhere after bitten students ask me to. Then I order a delicious juice of apple, lime, and caramel. It is sweet and I reminisce nostalgically of my childhood schooldays licking caramel apple lollipops.

When we finish, there are those who decide to keep the night alive further. The time approaches 2300, Ami and I are fatigued. Because she has a flight to make waking her at 0400 and I have not yet packed, both of us return to the school together. All of us say our goodbyes, hug and kiss (in the European fashion) one another, and promise to keep in touch. Although I am most sad of this moment and it is the end of our two weeks, I am confident we will keep in touch. I am also very grateful for this experience and though I miss it all, I really just see this as the beginning…


Here is a pic of Ana Maria and I on the last day.

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Day 13 – Springtime near IKEA

While students are still trying to gather their last minute souvenirs, I am in search of dinner again. Today, Leo has free time off to take us around. Emily and I go with him to Springtime (, a Romanian-based fast food chain. He tells us that the owner created the restaurant in the early 1990s after observing how well Romanians responded to other fast food restaurants. However, instead, the founder did extensive market research to find what food types the people were interested in consuming. The chain has grown to 26 franchises, all with varied food items such as Middle-Eastern shawarma, Italian pastas and pizzas, American burgers, salads, desserts, and premium grade coffee. These, with the combination of Springtime’s policy to use fresh local vegetables and meat keeps this restaurant in business, and will continue to do so for many years to come. After dinner, Leo leaves, and Emily and I walk to IKEA, a Swedish based store known to serve customers affordable and stylish furniture at a low price. Though most of their design is extremely compact and fashionable, most all of their items are made from cheap materials not known to last very long (particle board, plastics, etc.). This is Emily’s first IKEA visit, so I do my best to be her tour guide.

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Day 12 – Caru Cu Bere

After class is over I decide to stay in my room because I am chosen as group lead for our homework group (Team 3). Tomorrow in class our team will meet and negotiate with a mock United Arab Emirates group (Team 4). Our team is a firm from Italy that manufactures and sells timber from Romania. This exercise is to introduce us to the different cultures and business practices and to strike a deal with one another. I am preparing mock contract agreements, emailing the counter-offer of our partnership, and creating faux business cards for each of the team members. The other students venture to the Peasant Museum’s gift shop nearby to purchase souvenirs.

For dinner the students, the UAH faculty, and Dr. Potecea meet us at Caru cu Bere, one of the oldest beerhouses of Bucharest. It started in 1879, along with its house beer, a secret recipe. The building itself is even stunning; there is a wooden spiral staircase that leads to the top, wood and carvings adorn every area of the walls, and paintings help decorate the scene. Bucharest once in its lifetime was known as “little Paris” and this restaurant still lives up to that name.

Before dinner begins, Adellina, (who calls me her “little sister”, but do not let that pet name fool you, as I am at least 6 years her senior) grabs my arm and wants me to meet her boyfriend and best friend. They tell me in well spoken English that they heard so much about me from her. Adellina is one of the sweetest and most beautiful students I meet on the trip, and then she kisses both her friend (in the European manner of two kisses that are artificially blown to the cheeks) and her boyfriend to bid them adieu for the night.

Dinner is delightful, again full of meats, cheeses, and the like. And for dessert, we have the pleasure of papanasi again. Except this time, everyone’s plate has two of each on it! None of us can eat more than one though I am sure we wanted to! Joshua looks at this monstrous sweet in a bit of disgust and says the favorite and most memorable line of the trip: “There’s more sour cream on my papanasi than I put on my baked potato!”

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