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I’ve just posted new YouTube video for all you folks interested in attending UAHuntsville.  I interviewed a few students to get their opinions about faculty, academics and other important aspects of life here at Charger Nation.


Check them out!  Hope you enjoy.  And check back regularly, the videos keep rolling out!

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It’s the End of the Semester!

It’s already time for finals! I am a senior now entering my final semester here at UAHuntsville.  The time has flown by so fast! Today, I had my final critique in my sculpture class.  It has been a very exciting fun filled semester which I feel has culminated perfectly with my last project.  Next week, I will turn in my final portfolio for my photography class.  We have to select ten images from our entire semester’s work to submit for our final.  Luckily, our teacher helps us make the selection and gives us pointers on the fine-tuning details that go into making a portfolio.

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What Matters to Me at UAHuntsville?

One of my favorite things about UAHuntsville is the relationships that develop in classes with students and teachers.  Now that it is the end of the semester, I reflect on how each class has helped me evolve as an artist and a student.  I think that is something unique about the faculty here at UAHuntsville.  They really care about how you are dedicating yourself to your work.  The faculty really pushes you to do your best so you feel satisfied at the end of each semester and you feel like you’ve grown that much closer to your goals.

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Tips for High School Seniors

I think something I would suggest to high school seniors would be to keep an open mind about college. It is important to allow yourself to be pushed, at first it may feel like a struggle, but in the end you will feel so much more confident, capable and your goals will feel so much more attainable having endured it all. I think it is an exciting feeling to graduate from high school, but it is truly a surreal feeling to graduate from college- it is worth all of the hard work you put into it. I would say, keep a steady pace and push yourself to do your best, because it truly prepares you for life in ways you may not realize until you get older.

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