You Never Know What Can Happen in Huntsville, AL!

I would like to tell you about my crazy/awesome morning.

First, I woke up around 6:30am to get ready for a meeting at 8:30am. At this meeting I interviewed Dr. Mike Griffin, (Former Administrator of NASA) about the Space Shuttle Program. I am currently doing a paper for the AIAA Regional Student Conference in Cape Canaveral, FL. The paper is entitled “30 Years of Inspirations: A look Back at the Space Shuttle Program’s Impact on Life Today”. He is a great person and probably thought I was weird because I was nervous speaking with him.


He said “Why are you nervous? I’m nothing special.” and my thought was “Have you read your own bio?”

I decided to take my friend, Angela,  with me because I was so nervous and she had some questions she wanted to ask him. It’s a good thing I did, because she saved me a few times.


I then went to chemistry  class. When I got out, there were many CEOs and what I call “important people” in the lobby for the Engineering Advisory Board meeting. I went and stood with my fellow classmates from the Space Hardware Club; talking to a few of these people.


Next thing I know Jan Davis (first astronaut from UAHunstville) walks in. I wanted to go talk with her, but I was already explaining my project to others. I saw her go out the doors to leave and what do I do? I start walking towards the door and sprint across the parking lot.  I’m glad I did because I got to meet my first astronaut today. She gave me her business card and said she would be happy to answer my questions.


You never know what will happen in Huntsville. Everyday I meet someone who has played a major part in history and everyday I learn fascinating new things.

In case you are interested in more info, here are some links!


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Entrepreneurship Networking

“ In fact, it was so successful that we decided to make this event Semi-Annual!”   Those are words every student organization wants to hear.  Now consider that the organization is just barely over a year old.  Successful, fun, it’s got to be business; the Entrepreneurship Club.


They had a Networking Event for the club members, businessmen, CEO’s and fellow entrepreneurs in the community. There were more than 60 people in attendance!  We were ready with our business cards and lists of everyone who was going to be there, both students and professionals. I even looked up the brief background information on everyone who would be there so I could start conversations easily. Our Business Administration Building was transformed by simply rearranging the couches, giving it an open feel.


The background music was playing as everyone walked around with light refreshments trying to read name tags before making an introduction. I spoke with several professionals as well as a professor I had seen in the building but never met. It was great to see how many people had started a business, fairly easily in my opinion! Easy in a way that it is not something for the few; if enough time is put into it. It was great to see so many other students interested in the field!

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Time Management 101 for Fellow Scatterbrains

I am “known” by my peers for several things; the fact that I’m almost always grinning about something, my ever-changing hair color, my tendency to randomly giggle during awkward silences, but I can write with 110% certainty that I have never been known as organized. My brain doesn’t like to automatically putting things in categories. It would much rather take everything it has to deal with, toss them all in the air, and deal with each individual issue as it falls back down.


“But Jonathan,” you may be thinking, “that doesn’t sound very inefficient!”  And you’d be right, for that was the very reason my Freshman year happened to be a nine month caffeine induced haze.


After getting to know myself and my limitations in the “keeping-my-life-neat” department, I discovered two things that have become life savers for me. Planners and graphic organizers held my life together for the four years I’ve been in college. If you find yourself having trouble keeping deadlines and obligations in order, try planning out times to get specific things done with a planner so they don’t keep sneaking up on you. Your sleep schedule will thank you.  . . a lot.

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Pass The Torch – The Orion Capsule

On Thursday
February, 2nd my friends and I went to the U.S. Space and Rocket
Center to see the Orion Testing Capsule. Orion is the next generation of human
space flight exploration. It’s part of the new rocket (SLS) NASA is creating to
take humans past Earth Orbit. While we were there, not only did we sign our names
on the capsule but we also signed ours names down on history. ;) We also
attended a presentation by three of the engineers currently working on the
project. They showed us videos of their progress and CAD model simulations of
what a SLS launch would be like. We had the chance to speak with one of the
engineers. He was great and answered a lot of our questions. The pictures below
show some of the amazing shots I got that night. If you’re interested in
anything related to space technology, Huntsville, AL is the place to be! We had
so much fun, and I can’t wait to see the final SLS and Orion capsule take off
in 2017! ~Brittani Searcy


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Weekend Getaway

Last weekend, all the SGA members got together for a Retreat down towards Birmingham. I had gone on another weekend trip before so I could seriously feel all the work piling up and making me nervous! Yet everyone was going and it was a two day sponsored trip! Those are hard to pass by…  On the drive down, we got in a 7:00pm traffic. Exactly, no such thing. But we ended up being delayed an hour.  Yet those two days flew by so fast. We went canoeing but it was very short lived since one of our friends tipped their canoe. Who doesn’t enjoy a dip with their iphone and sneakers?!  Over the course of the trip though we managed to have several meetings, brainstorming sessions, met with UAB SGA President and planned this semester’s activities! As we came back on Sunday, it felt like we’d been gone for a week with a busy schedule every day.


The Retreat turned out to be a lot of fun, we got a lot done and got to know other SGA members better. So it’s good to step out of your studies, join different organizations and be active. I try not to look at anything I do as a chore since you are making a choice to do it and so there can’t be a “have to”! I’m looking forward to our next trip: zip lining anyone?


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