The newest Charger Nation blogger – Stephanie Warnes

Today’s a day of new beginnings. A new blog, and a new way to express myself. By the way, let me introduce myself…

I’m Stephanie Warnes.
Currently, that entails me – the University of Alabama Huntsville MBA (part-time, but previously full-time) student, American, Female, and living and breathing in Huntsville. There’s an entire list of items I could divulge into concerning my history, but I’ll save that for another post for another day.A nibble into my current schedule of life in a week: Mid-20 year old doing 40 hours of full-time work, nights of ceramics class, household operations  manager and chef/maid/laundromat/financial analyst/janitor, devoted wife, 3 hours of class a week + 4 hrs of associated homework, video game player, Glee show watcher,  music-lover and music-maker [violin]. And now to add, Charger Nation Blogger! :) <3  :) That’s my snippet for today. If I find a way to cram more hours in a day, I’ll make sure I’ll share. But cheers, to a new blog start! And cheers to you, reader!

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Your Hobby is What? – Photography

This will hopefully become a serialized blog, so if photography is not necessarily one of your main hobbies or if you have other hobbies that you hope to pursue while taking classes at UAHuntsville, then do not worry!  Keep your eyes open for your personal flavor of “Your Hobby is What?”.


One of my favorite pastimes that really helps me remove myself from the stresses of college is photography.  I am mostly interested in the world of macro photography and landscapes, so for me the world is really my artistic palette.   Luckily Huntsville and the surrounding area provide me for ample inspiration for my photography – from the Botanical Gardens to Monte Sano State Park to local caves to right here on campus.



If by chance you are hoping to hone in your talents and learn from fellow photographers, you are in luck!  UAHuntsville offers several courses in Photography.  Southerland’s Photo located in South Huntsville also offers professional photography classes.  A few local photographers also offer weekend or week-long photo workshops.  A local organization of photographers, the North Alabama Photographers Guild, meets monthly at a local pizza shop and organizes group photo outings through their group page on flickr (


No matter my level of experience or my current preference of photographic subjects at any given time, Huntsville and the surrounding areas have always provided me with enough artistic stimulation to keep me motivated and thrilled behind my camera!

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Classes I Enjoy!

I am taking 13 credit hours  at UAH. They are General Chemistry I, Chem. Lab,  Pre-Cal w/ Trig., Priciples of Aeronautics and Astronautics (PAA), and Private Pilot Ground School.

I am really liking Private Pilot Ground school because I’m learning about airplanes  from someone who has been flying a long time. After this class I want to get a private pilot’s liscense (and maybe a commercial liscence). So If I want to go to the beach for the weekend, I just drive over to the airport and I’m at the beach in about an hour! :)

I really like PAA! The materials I’m learing in this class are the basis for the rest of my career. The only down side is the class is at 8am. :( We have a project where we are grouped into “Squadrons”! We have to build a small rubber band powered airplane out of recycled materials. I am having so much fun doing this because I get to work with my best friend and learn about making airplanes!

Chemistry is great too. I think I’m going to get a minor in it. I like learning about how elements interact to make materials I use everyday. Chemistry lab is a little boring, but hopefully it will pick up.

I really like my classes at UAH. The teachers are great and most of the students really care about learning and doing hands on activities.

Hope you enjoy this Chem Joke! 

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How Spring 2012 has been for me

Because I’ve gotten a great deal of my required classes out of the way early, I am now tackling general electives and two of my upper level courses.  I have to say I’m quite enjoying myself.


I am not math inclined, so my physics course is a moderate headache from time to time but, my senior capstone internship, my course on gender and sexuality in British drama, and my course on interpersonal communication are all utterly enjoyable on their own.


Since I have a small tendency to try to do too many things at once, things get a bit hectic every now again. Then again, I’m starting to notice that I feel much better when the majority of my tasks are measured by things I feel are worthwhile.


Overall, I think just about everything I’m doing this semester is the perfect precursor to my final undergraduate semester in the fall. . .if I don’t die of exhaustion beforehand.

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One Student’s Incredible Opportunity While Studying at UAHuntsville

There are many incredible career-specific opportunities that are available to UAHuntsville students. As a graduate student in the Physics Department, I have had the unique experience of traveling to a radio telescope array in California in order to gain on-site knowledge of the scientific processes that directly relate to my research.


For my dissertation research, I observe and analyze radio data for a sample of galaxy clusters to determine cluster masses. All of my radio data has been collected using the Combined Array for Research in Millimeter-wave Astronomy (CARMA) located in eastern California within the Inyo Mountain range. CARMA is operated by a team of full-time professionals who work year round and by a rotating schedule of student observers, who perform the daily functions of the array for a week at a time with at least two observers working together at all times.


I have been to CARMA three times now, working as an observer, and have learned more about radio astronomy through these weeklong shifts than I believe would be possible by just working in my office in Huntsville for several years. This is just an example of the extraordinary opportunities that are available to students at UAHuntsville!

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5 Tips for High School Seniors

There are many tips I give high school seniors and high-schoolers in general, but the main 5 are:


1. When choosing a University don’t be afraid to go far away or go close to home. The best place for you to go could be just around the corner or on the other side of the country. I came to Huntsville from Ohio and I’m very glad I did. My best friend is from Huntsville and I’m loving it here.


2. Start looking and applying early. It sucks, but scholarships and grants are handed out early. Plus you may get a bunch of free stuff for applying early! ;)


3.  Keep your grades up! You may think “I’m a senior, it doesn’t matter, I don’t need to learn anything here anymore, or what’s the point”. College is about learning inside and outside the classroom. You may not realize it now, but what you learn in high school becomes handy in college.


4. It’s ok if you don’t have a major picked out! You have plenty of time. It may take you an extra year or two, but it’s worth it when you do find something you love.  Just go take classes in different areas.  Most of the time you will find that you really like a subject or you really hate it. Then if you find that you are at the wrong university, it’s ok to transfer universities once you figure it out. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life my first year, but when I finally figured it out I transferred to UAHuntsville and I’m glad I did!


5.  Do what will make you happy! You may have friends or family telling you what they think is best, but in the end it is you that has to make the decision and live with it. They might be upset for a while, but in time they’ll realize it’s for the best. College/adult life is about making your own decisions (good or bad), experiencing the consequences, and (hopefully) learning from them.  My family will talk to me and give advice , but will not tell me what to do because they know I have to make it on my own. It will be frustrating at times, but you will be a better, more independent person for it.


I hope this helps you and your college experience!

My friends (Amy and Angela) on a weather balloon recovery mission. My hair is a mess, but was an interesting trip! :)

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What’s so great about student organizations?

Typically, enrolling in college or any other kind of degree or certification program is to obtain the knowledge and  credentials and such, but, like most, it means to an end journeys there are usually things along the way that are worth occupying your time with. I’m an academic nerd which makes me biased, but, I think the courses we take (even those out of our areas of study) often provide us with information that will not only make us better at what we plan do for the rest of our lives, but can (if taken seriously) contribute to us becoming better people.


Admittedly, these courses and experiences only give us the tools to do so. We have to decide how and where we implement them.  I often hear athletics,  fraternities, and sororities looked to as the ideal on-campus activities, but I strongly suggest that you don’t count out other student organizations.  I’m currently holding officer positions in two student organizations and they’re an absolutely wonderful way to apply many of the things that my classes have taught me.


On campus organizations like College Democrats, College Republicans, Green Club, P.O.W.E.R (People Organized for the Equality and Rights of Women) , Ratio Christi (an organization devoted to looking at politics through a christian lens), Gay-Straight Alliance, InFocus (a group focused on bridging the gap between domestic and international students), and countless others interact with students lives in a way that the coursework isn’t able to. They’ve also allowed me to meet some absolutely wonderful people while doing it.

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Fiesta Time!

I recently noticed that it was that time of semester again, middle of the semester when you start counting down to Spring Break. So to have a light pick me up with friends, I planned a Cookin’ Extravaganza with Spanish Club. I’ve been the Spanish Club President for a while and it’s always hard to think of fun ideas that are also cultural, but recently we had a successful fundraiser so I wanted to splurge a little. So we decided on a cooking night where we’d cook Hispanic food together and afterwards, sit down and talk about our experiences traveling in Latin America.


After a little bit of research we got all the ingredients for Catalan Sauteed Polenta and Butter Beans (check out the recipe here!), which is very fun dish since it’s such a different combination of familiar tastes! And we had Stovetop Fideos, (recipe’s here) which is a type of pasta with beans. We also made guacamole and bean paste French Baguette sandwiches.


It was great cooking everything, we had at least 10 people in the small kitchen with more rotating in and out! It was a definitely a group effort and I felt very accomplished with my Head Chef skills,  we didn’t burn anything! Try cooking the recipes yourself!



Of course the food was delicious and so many students came by and tried it. We ended up talking about where we wanted to travel to and our South American friends told us about how it’s like there. Needless to say it was a great evening and I’m already looking forward to planning another one.

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