So Much Studying to Do and So Little Time!

With midterms, extracurricular activities,  social life and anything life throws your way, finding time to study is hard.  Here are a few tips for studying on a time crunch.


1. Flash Cards! They are much easier to carry than a notebook/book. Make them during class (as you take notes) or do them right after. You can study in the car, between classes, or while your waiting on a friend.


2. Make a Schedule! You can buy an agenda or create a time sheet on Excel. This helps to visualize the day and week ahead. Do an hour by hour sheet for each day of the week. Designate hours for 15 minute intervals for studying a certain subject.  I have chemistry 9:05-10am then math 10:20-11:15, I designate that 20 minutes to studing math or chemistry.


3. Prioritize! Learning to prioritize in college is critical to your success. Sometimes you will have a test and a homework assignment due on the same day. If the test is going to be hard, then you spend more time studying then doing homework. If you are involved in extra-curriclular activities (which I strongly suggest you do!) some projects may be fun or have deadlines coming up, but no matter what, school comes first. I have to remind myself that I can’t do everything and my tests come before my project deadlines. Also remember that having a social life is important, but it’s ok to to tell your friends you have to study instead of hanging out.


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What I Do When I Have Nothing Urgent To Do

This past week culminated with the end of what was the next step in my Ph.D. pursuance, the so-called Qualifying Exams (Quals).  Passing the Quals requires writing a detailed research proposal, submitting this proposal to your Graduate Committee two weeks prior to the scheduled exam date, receiving and responding to written questions that were spawned from your Committee’s reading of your proposal and then finally presenting and subsequent questioning from friends, family, professors, and your Committee.   All in all this process is quite stressful and requires a great amount of attention to complete well, so almost needless to say I felt as if I had no other life outside of my research this semester.  But it was all worth it – I successfully passed my Quals and now I am ABD – all but Dissertation!!!!


With the relief of being finished with the Quals settling in shortly after noon on Friday, I realized that now I can have some fun – and oh boy did I have fun this past weekend!  On Saturday, my family (who had come down to support my exam) and I took a short road trip to Lynchburg, Tennessee to eat at the renowned Miss Mary Bobo’s Boarding House and to tour Jack Daniel’s whiskey distillery.  The combination of entertaining hosts and hostesses who bestowed all guests with typical good ole Southern hospitality, fascinating historical facts and delicious food was definitely a much-appreciated escape for both my mind and body.


Now, not wanting to let go of my glorious stress free weekend just yet, I also took an even shorter trip to a local strawberry farm Monday evening with a good friend of mine.  I do not believe that there is any negative aspect to going berry pickin’ with a friend – the slow-paced atmosphere of a farm, wonderful soft breezes, low setting sun, delicious aromas, full bucket of bright red ripe strawberries – the gleeful tangible results of your efforts.  Pure bliss.  I cannot wait to take a few moments out of my, now busy again, schedule to return to the local strawberry patch!


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UAH Study Abroad – Romania 2012

I’ve been very busy trying to wrap up a group project for my class, and I recently acquired a new job, so I’m processing out of my current one. Wrap that up with cool adult things like trying to get your taxes in on time (*sarcasm*) and you’ve got my life right now!


Sometimes, it feels like a headless chicken running across a busy highway.


And when life throws me lemons, I throw them back! Hahaha, just kidding you guys (I’m still not used to this “ya’ll” thing the natives have around here, and I’ve been in this state over 2 years already!). Actually, when life does throw me those lemons, I like to think of my favorite things. And break out into song, Julie Andrews style! Just kidding again!


On a serious note, on busy/crazy/hectic days, I daydream about my next adventure. And my next adventure, is Romania. And why Romania, would you ask?


It’s because it is a study abroad option for Business majors in Undergraduate and Graduate studies here at University of Alabama Huntsville. It’s two weeks in June at the Romanian-American University, fulfills 6 credits, teaches International Business topics (with Romania as the core topic), and is a great opportunity and learning experience. Pair that up with a love of traveling/adventuring + me = AWESOME.


Have more questions about it? Feel free to ask me!


Here are the course numbers offered for those of you signing up for summer classes: Graduate: MGT 570/650 , Undergraduate: MGT 450/470/490 (information obtained from:


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The BIG Event

Last Saturday, I had to get up early. Now no one likes getting up at 6:45am on a Saturday morning unless, well they offer you a deal you cannot refuse. So that’s what SGA (Student Government Association) did last Saturday when they offered us a breakfast, a T-shirt and a lunch on top of a great volunteering opportunity! I have been very busy with classes and work but really, I remembered how much fun last year’s event was so I had to force myself to wake up as I knew I’d be glad later.


The Big Event is a community service event organized by SGA and 2012 we celebrated the second annual event with double the numbers from the first year. I got there still sleepy eyed at 7:30am to chow down on some biscuit with juice; I don’t quite like big, meaty breakfast (hope I haven’t offended anyone!). I had received an e-mail stating that I’d be volunteering at NASA this year. Last year, I helped paint at Downtown Rescue Mission and really felt like I had helped in a small way so I was looking forward to volunteering this year. All 240 students had a place assigned and we all got bussed over to and from the location.


I ended up pressure washing the concrete grounds at NASA, not the most glamorous task but it was fairly fun operating the pressure washer. First time for everything! Back on campus we had lunch with friends, the day was beautiful so the Saturday morning had ended more productively than usual.

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