Memorial Day Weekend

First, I must post all of you the video I promised I would give to you! Here it is! Ta-da…..

Next, I’d like to take a moment to thank our fine military servers for risking their lives for our freedom and liberty. Please take today to thank someone you know who is serving, or has served for our country. Their work means a lot to us. Don’t especially forget, those who have died and could not make it back to be with us today.

Last but not least, you may be wondering where I disappeared to since my last post. The answer is, I’m unsure? It seems that once you get married and start living adulthood, time flies by quicker than you anticipate, or even, just quicker than it used to. I remember hoping that time would just fly faster during my high school years; why does it take FOREVER to get to senior year? Now, I’m trying to slow it down. It’s not happening…

There’s always so much to do, but not enough time. That backyard of mine still needs some taming – there’s plants still sitting in pots that should’ve been put into the ground back in April. There’s video games I’ve neglected, projects half finished, the never ending laundry/house chores, and people I still need to reply to (emails, bills, etc). And this is only a few weeks before Romania! Oh my.

Well, gotta jet. Hope you’ve enjoyed the long weekend (never really understood how 1 extra day makes it long), and see you next post!

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What to do with Summer?

I know many of you who are reading this have the same thought……sleep, have fun, relax ect., but for me that gets boring after a few days.

So the question… what to do? The truth is, I really do have a lot to do this summer. I’m working, taking a class, traveling a bit, and writing a research paper. But that doesn’t take up all my time. I’ve started exercising an hour each day, because I no longer have the excuse “oh I should, but I have too much homework” I know this quote well, my friends and I say it a lot.

Exercise challenges my body, but I want to challenge my mind. So each week I’m going to pick a different topic to learn about. Last week I got a physics book. Fascinating actually, physics really makes me think about the how I thought the world works. This week I’ve gotten books on Wernher Von Braun, the rocket scientist. I’m reading about him because his dream of space exploration is my research paper. I don’t know what next weeks topic will be, I’m just seeing what interesting things will come my way.

Summer is the time for relaxing, parties, and vacations, but it also is the more time in the “I’ll do it when I have more time” line. Challenge yourself this summer!

Have a great summer everyone! :)


For a laugh……


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National Space Symposium!

In April, I and three other students attended the National Space Symposium in Colorado Springs.  Many of world’s leaders in Space Technology were there to meet and discuss the future of Space Travel and their companies.  We represented the National Space Grant Consortium which funds students throughout the United States.


While we were there, the symposium held New Generation sessions for students who are pursing careers in the Space Industry. We had opportunities to hang with many people who have made significant impacts in space technology.  At the first event two of us sat and talked with Dan Collins (ULA CEO). He had some great advice for students pursing careers in the space industry.  He said you need to constantly be challenging yourself, to make yourself better, and keep learning.  Also to make sure, when you do reach the job you want, to make sure you have a boss that appreciates you and the work you do. We also had the pleasure of hanging with Joel Scotkin (Masten Space System’s CEO).  He showed us what Masten has achieved and what they want to achieve.


Mike Griffin (former Adminitrator of NASA & professor at UAH), John Horack (VP of Research), and John Gregory (Director of Alabama Space Grant) from UAH also attened the conference. Dr. Horack and Dr. Gregory introduced us to a lot of great people.

We all had a great time and learned a lot about the space industry. And it was also a bonus to be right beside the Rocky Mountains and Cheyenne Mountain. ;)





PICS! ^_^







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Life during and after finals – Orange Beach, AL

Hi there!


It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? Also, I noticed that I told you to “contact me,” but you have no way of doing so! Well, every post, until they figure out how to include that information, I’m going to try to add it in. So here is my email address if you want to say “hi” or “I love your posts” or “I would rather you talk about…_____”.


It is: .


So what have I been up to? So last I’ve posted, I was in processing myself through a new job. Well, on top of that, I’m now in a NEW-new job (meaning I jumped ship on my supposed new job for a different job). Also, my mother, who had not visited me in FOREVER (2 years), finally stopped by during the time I took off in between to take her to the beach, and for me to work paperwork, as well as the craziness in studying for finals.


Fast Forward: Well, happy to report, I’m enjoying the new job, my mom is back home, I’ve started Romanian class orientation, and I’m VERY VERY happy that I got a good grade in a great class that was EXTREMELY relevant to me this past term : MGT-631, Strategic Human Resource Management in a Technological Environment. Long title, eh? I’ll have to post more on that – I’ve interviewed the professor; I’ll provide a link to it next post.


Oh ! So look below at this cool picture I took and altered using Instagram:



This is a view from my hotel room while I was in the gulf shores area, Orange Beach to be exact. It was my first time being at the southern border; and I loved every minute of it! I love this state! If you ever get bored in Huntsville (which is pretty difficult to do, but perhaps possible if you’ve lived here all your life), you’re 2 hours away from Birmingham and Nashville, 4 hours away from Atlanta, and only 6-7 hours away from the beach! What more could you possibly want?


Spent a lot of time in the water, lazying around and napping by the beach, eating delicious seafood, and shopping it up. Saw some small sting rays, and some crabs, picked up seashells by the shore. Next time, I want to do the dolphin tours, shrimp harvesting, and some snorkeling. It was perfect.


If you haven’t ever been to those beautiful, white, sandy beaches, you should. I don’t even know why it took me this long to do so.

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