Breathe…Don’t stress it.

There will be times where you find yourself stressing over a particular class. For me, I was stressing over ALL of my classes; especially this week. I had a test in each of my classes around the same time. I was stressed because they all are demanding and require different study techniques.
As a psych major, tests aren’t definitional (meaning questions aren’t shaped around knowing a definition), you have to apply a certain vocabulary word to different situations and problems. In my Biology class, it’s all about knowing what does what and how it functions and what it requires to function.


Going back to the tests, once I found out all my tests were crowded together I immediately came up with a plan. I labeled my classes by level of importance. My Biology test was first so I need to see what I knew and what I needed to brush up on. I started studying for Bio a week prior to the test. We were being tested over 5 chapters worth of material. (Yeah, major headache!) Every day leading up to the test (which was on a Friday) I took time to study for all my classes. The night before the bio test, I locked myself in my room, muted my TV, silenced my phone and buried my head in the book. Yes, it was difficult because I really wanted to sleep and watch TV but I knew that passing this class was more important. I took several short five min breaks in between studying to breathe and gather my thoughts.


Friday came and I was ready to ace this test! I knew most of the material we covered in class but some I was still confused on. When I received my test I read through it to see what kind of questions was being asked. I was finally able to exhale; the test was easier than I thought. Yes, a few questions stumped me, only because I believed two of the answers to be correct. I felt real confident that I made a good grade.
Saturday evening I began studying for my psych stats class when I decided to take a break and check Angel. I looked under my Bio class (checking to see if my clicker points went through) and that’s when I saw my grade……I was EXSTATIC! I had made an 85! My studying had paid off! I was instantly motivated to study harder for my stats test.


The same process I did studying for Biology, is the same one I did studying for my stats and applications class. When I got into class to take the tests I wasn’t stressed anymore because I had faith in myself and knew the material.


To sum it all up, don’t stress when it comes to tests. Prioritize your time, gather all notes/study guides etc. and study your butt off! If you don’t understand the positive side of the concept, try to understand the negative. (trust me this helps!) If you’re religious, pray or do whatever it is that you do; meditate if needed. Even if you don’t receive the grade you want, reward yourself for studying hard. Most importantly, NEVER give up on yourself or doubt yourself. You can do everything you set your mind to do. You will succeed!

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Meet Dr. Regina Hyatt, Dean of Students


By Dr. Regina Hyatt, Dean of Students


I started working in Student Affairs because I had a great experience as an undergraduate student at my college.  I was super involved and my advisor suggested that I pursue a graduate degree in College Student Personnel instead of going to law school.  I took his advice and now 17 years later, am excited to serve as the Dean of Students at UAHuntsville. October is Careers in Student Affairs Month so thought I would start sharing some of the unique things that make student affairs work so interesting.


1- Every student has a story, something that makes him/her unique and I get to hear those stories. I’m a better person for it as it gives me perspective outside of my own experience.


2- Balloons: I gave a tutorial during Week of Welcome to our WOW Leaders on how to make a balloon bouquet. I told them it’s a life skill we all need to have!


3- Student organizations that do really cool stuff. Where else would you be able to watch the Space Hardware Club launch a REAL experiment on a balloon or witness 1000 students gather to play video games with each other? Or concrete canoes attempt to make it across the campus pond?

4- All the pizza you would ever want to eat! Definitely the preferred food group for college students so if you work in Student Affairs, you better like pizza because chances are, you’ll be eating it at least 2 x a week. It just so happens that I do like pizza (and the never ending supply of candy that seems to be available on all of our desks).


5- Ah-ha moments: those times when you see the light click on, when a student really gets it and realizes that the decisions they are making are important.



6- Feeling like I make a difference:  It doesn’t happen every day, but when it does, it feels great.  Whether it’s helping a student navigate a problem, or opening a window of opportunity for a student, working in Student Affairs means that I get to impact students’ lives in a very personal and meaningful way.

I love working with students and hope that their experiences here at UAHuntsville will lead them to futures that are fulfilling both personally and professionally.  I have the best job in the world!


(You can follow Dean Hyatt on Twitter @UAHStudentsDean)

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My Favorite Spot

My favorite spot on campus is the duck pond in front of the Shelby Center. I can go here whenever I need a breath of fresh air or if I just want to hang out with some friends. The ducks here are super friendly. Be careful when feeding them; some of them can get a little greedy!

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Wilson Rocks!

I don’t know about you guys, but when I start working, I want to end up doing quality work, but to also have fun and play like a kid everyday.  I want to enjoy it.  Love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life.  Its awesome that everyone else I meet up with in the art department has this same attitude.  Who doesn’t enjoy it?  I’m sure other majors are the same.  This is the reason though that to me I think Wilson Hall is awesome.  My favorite place happens to be in the sculpture studio in Roberts Hall, but its still part of the art department.  However, I don’t know if I’m allowed to take pictures of the tools and things there.


I can’t resist putting up the pics I took of Wilson the other week though!  People have to see them.  There is no way anyone but art, nursing, professional studies and (maybe) CCRH residents could have seen it.


Couldn’t pass the opportunity.





See? Isn’t it awesome? One day everyone was talking about the giraffes on top of the building and I was like, “What? Let me see…”   I hadn’t seen them up there before.  Eventually, I was able to go outside and I immediately thought, “THAT is so cool!”  And I snapped some pictures.  Somehow they made it up there all the way from Roberts Hall (where they had been before) and ended up on the roof of Wilson.  No one knows how they got there. Not even the sculpture professor knows.


Its also really weird because I’m pretty sure that the roof door is kept locked at all times (I know I’ve tried).  Maybe the janitor did it.  Or possibly the sculptor of the giraffes himself.  However, I don’t know how he’d get permission for that.  Who knows?

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IAC Naples, Italy!

Hey all,

I will be going to Italy in a week for the International Astronautical Congress (IAC). It’s a huge conference where everyone involved in space technology will attend including NASA, JAXA, ESA, and the leaders of major space organizations.

I’m going with 35 other students who were selected by the IAC to present. We have an awesome staff who has worked hard to get us there and have made us better professionals.

I will be presenting a paper under the space history section “The Dr. Wernher von Braun Vision”.  Dr. Von Braun is one of my idols and was a brilliant rocket engineer and worked here in the Rocket City!

I’ll post about the many adventures I’m sure to have!

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Oh coffee, where art thou?

When challenged with the task of telling you about my favorite place on campus, I had to pause and consider all the options. There is the table under the shade of the tree by the UC where I have sat and talked for hours with a friend, and there is the courtyard behind Shelby where my husband and I have sat and talked shop on my lunch break.  Then it hit me…COFFEE!!


There are several locations around UAH where you can grab a cup of the divine liquid in your favorite form:  iced, hot, with chocolate or any combination that suits your taste. My favorite place to indulge in that heavenly beverage is at the Starbucks in the library. When I first started attending UAH, I didn’t realize there was a Starbucks in the library! What a wonderful way to combine my favorite things: coffee and books!


The first floor of the library is pretty great for several reasons. From the clean, contemporary furnishings to the amazing fragrance of freshly brewed coffee, to the Art Gallery and the displays of artifacts and findings from other countries, this is a place where you can sit and enjoy a good book, quietly research for a paper or just sip your java and people watch. It’s a great respite from a busy day, and isn’t overly crowded most of the time.


This past week, as I exited my Business Writing class on the second floor, I was struck by a new smell…the aroma of fried food. I followed my nose down the stairs and around the corner to find several people handing out samples of what appeared to be egg rolls and dumplings. I love food (who doesn’t?), and ordinarily, I would have sampled a few bites of what was offered, but I’m currently eating well in an effort to lose some weight and decided against it. Next time I get the chance to try new foods, I will. :)


All this to say that if I have a favorite place on campus (I find it hard to choose ONE) it would be there in the library, on the first floor, where the smell of coffee, the atmosphere of art and learning, and the community of students all come together.


Where is your favorite place on campus?

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5..4..3..2..1…CanSat 2012!

Hey everyone!


During the second weekend of June my teammates and I traveled to Abiline, TX for the CanSat competition. The CanSat competition is an engineering challenge where students build a mock satellite and fly it using rockets.  It was a fun year learning about CAD, teamwork, and different fields of study. We had to design everything, from the mechanical housing to the circuit boards to the decent control.

I was mechanical lead for the project.  Our project is through the Space Hardware Club.  SHC is a student organization on campus who design, build and fly projects related science and space.


What I learned during the CanSat project, I now use in my classes. The trip was a lot of fun and our CanSat succeeded in it’s mission. We had a malfunction with the streamers, they were suppose to slow the CanSat down, but they broke off after deployment.  It all turned out well because we had parachutes that deployed. We didn’t place high because we were late for our flight window, so points were taken off for that. But it was AWESOME watching it fly and finding it after it landed.


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