Why Choose UAHuntsville?

Written by: Adam Neal


My name is AJ and I am currently a sophomore majoring in Accounting and Finance in the College of Business Administration here at UAHuntsville. I wanted to share with you the many reasons why I decided to pursue my higher education at UAHuntsville and am proud to be a Charger! I am known as a triple legacy at the university because my father holds degrees from UAHuntsville as well as my mother and brother. My father’s success in his career has shown me that a good education from a well respected university is crucial in the job market today. I chose my major of Accounting and Finance due to the amazing College of Business that the university offers. Within the business department there are great faculty and staff members that have changed my outlook on the world and my goals.


One of the best things about UAHuntsville is that the professors work very closely with students to help us achieve academic success. A great number of the professors have either worked in their field of study or are currently working in their field and teaching classes. This allows the professors to instruct students with their knowledge of the real world, and gives the students a perspective not often found in textbooks.


Another great part of UAHuntsville is the availability of student job opportunities on campus. These are great for students who want to earn money in college while not sacrificing class time. My personal experience with an on-campus position has been quite an extraordinary one. I work in the Office of Admissions as a Student Ambassador and have built a large network of connections through my position. The skills and connections that I have attained are very valuable, and I would highly recommend working on campus to future students!


Once again my name is AJ and I approve this message. Go Chargers!



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Michael’s Out of State Experience

I’m Michael Henry, and I am currently a junior mechanical engineering major from the Cincinnati, OH area. I remember having a lot on my mind when I was in your shoes only three years ago. Lots of questions spun through my head such as, “Where am I going to college?” “Am I going to get homesick?” “How am I going to keep up with everyone if I go out-of-state?” These are things lots of students think about when they have the option to go out-of-state for college. For some students, they can’t wait to get out and try new things. Others have a desire to stay closer to home. I had mixed feelings on both sides when I was considering UAHuntsville. Growing up, I’d never imagined I would live in the state of Alabama, so coming to UAHuntsville would be an awesome opportunity for me to try new things. At the same time, I loved Ohio! I had a great network of friends and family back home, and leaving that would be difficult. Life’s all about taking chances, because you never know what you’re going to miss out on if you don’t take a chance or two in life.


Coming to UAHuntsville my freshman year, I knew I wanted to get involved on campus and stay busy. I learned through an activity fair of all the different student activities I could get involved in. The first one that caught my eye was Greek Life. In high school, I wanted nothing to do with Greek Life because I knew how it was portrayed on TV and movies, and that was not the life for me. Here at UAHuntsville, Greek Life is different. Greek Life on campus is full of involved and productive students who are working to be the best they can be while making a difference in college. From high academics to lots of philanthropy dollars raised, Greek Life is an impressive organization. The best part about Greek Life, is that it felt like a family away from home. All I did was talk to them and show some interest, and I instantly felt a strong support network, which made the transition from home to college a lot easier. I can honestly say that had I gone to another university, I would have opted out of Greek Life and never had all the experiences I have enjoyed so far. I currently hold leadership positions in my fraternity, and my fraternity brothers have become friends that I know I’ll have for the rest of my life!


I also got involved in many other student life organizations. Within my first couple of weeks on campus I even received a director position on UAHuntsville’s Association for Campus Entertainment (ACE).  That job was one of the coolest I’ve ever had!  Being on the ACE board, I got to help plan all of the fun, free campus events for students. From comedians to concerts to all sorts of free giveaways, I got to be behind-the-scenes and really see how creative I could make things for students on campus. Recently, I started giving campus tours as a UAHuntsville Student Ambassador. Giving tours to students considering UAHuntsville gives me the opportunity to tell students why I enjoy UAHuntsville, and I get to encourage other out-of-state students to try new things and give schools like UAHuntsville a chance.


Coming down here to Alabama has also given me awesome career opportunities while in college. I began by working two co-op terms at the Mercedes-Benz plant. It was really cool getting to see how some of the nicest cars in the world are made, while also gaining job experience and getting paid for it all!  The job also let me know that mechanical engineering was definitely the field for me. I have also worked at Boeing with a team of students revising plane part designs. It’s another one of those experiences that’s pretty cool to have while you’re in college, and it gets you geared up for work in the real world.


All of this is just the tip of the iceberg of my college experience here at UAHuntsville.  Going to an out-of-state school was never something I had planned, but it always seems that the best things in life happen when you least expect it.  I still have many more awesome experiences in college to come, and I can’t wait to see what happens next!


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Leadership Retreat in Memphis

As my last semester at UAHuntsville finally rolled in, I spent my first weekend at a SGA Retreat focusing on leadership. Before classes could become overwhelming with doubled responsibilities, we went on the two day SGA Spring Retreat (I know, it was cold and January but it us the Spring semester hence the name “Spring Retreat!”).  This semester we went to Memphis, Tennessee and stayed on the University of Memphis’ campus. We met with their SGA representatives for a discussion on how we run our programs and then we toured their relatively new student center, one that UAHuntsville looked to for inspiration for our own Charger Union building which is still under construction.


The rest of our time was spent on various leadership development exercises, but we did make time to visit the National Civil Rights Museum! For lunch, we even had the chance to eat local BBQ at the famous Central BBQ, which has been featured multiple times on the Travel Channel and which everyone loved! As for just vising the city, it was an official trip with a tight agenda so tourism wasn’t the focus. I did have the opportunity to see downtown Memphis with some friends; Beale Street which the city’s famous for and Main Street, which was my personal favorite.


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Melissa’s Decision to Stay in Huntsville

Written by Melissa Lee


Growing up in the Huntsville area and having both parents who are alumni from the university, I have been very familiar with the campus starting at an early age. With both of my parents being alumni, they definitely had a huge impact on my choice to attend UAH. They both shared their positive experiences of when they were here studying mechanical and electrical engineering. During my senior year of high school, I considered attending UAHuntsville as well as other universities that were not as close to home. I ultimately made my decision to attend this university because of its prestigious engineering program and the many internship opportunities that were entailed since I wanted to pursue a career in mechanical engineering.


I can honestly say that I have not regretted my choice to attend college close to home since!


Being a sophomore here at UAHuntsville, these past two years have opened up many opportunities for me to get hands on experience with my major while building relationships with the teachers and students here. The program has given me the technical knowledge as well as people skills to help me succeed in my field of study. Even in my introductory engineering classes, I have been given opportunities to get hands on experience working in the machine shop on group projects and even giving presentations to my lab group and professors. These past three years as an engineering student has definitely been a challenge but I am really excited that my hard work led me to be nominated for Tau Beta Pi, a prestigious engineering honor society. Just remember that hard work and building good relationships with your professors pays off!

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Austin’s ROTC Experience

Written by Austin Johnson


Like some of you, I have grown up in a family that has been highly involved in the military. From the experiences that I have gained through my military upbringing, I quickly realized that being able to pursue a career in the military while also getting a solid education in college was important to me.


Let’s start on what really sold me on attending UAHuntsville. This was due to all of the large amount of resources that the university offered while being such a close knit community. I chose to major in Finance due to my love of investing money and watching stocks. Some of the classes here at UAHuntsville have provided me the opportunity to invest other people’s money in stocks and investments, and I even receive a grade while doing it!


At the beginning of my college search I planned on attending a larger university, but shortly realized that UAHuntsville was my home. Everything from the Greek life, sporting events, religious organizations and the academic major related clubs and activities attracted me to this campus.


As I said before, one of my biggest concerns while searching for a college was being able to pursue a career in the military while being a student. UAHuntsville’s ROTC program has offered me this opportunity! One really cool experience I have had with the ROTC program is using land navigation. Basically, they teach you how to navigate unknown land with a map and a compass. The best part is they place you on a plot of land that you  are not familiar with and say “Go”. It is definitely a really cool hands-on experience that is a necessary skill for an Army Officer! Now you could take me anywhere and I could find my way back to UAHuntsville with only a map and a compass.


A huge part of the ROTC program is leadership. By my junior year in the program I will have the opportunity to lead other cadets in morning physical training, field training exercises, and classroom instructions. With this leadership experience and the knowledge from my Finance classes I will have the necessary resources for a successful brokerage career. I would not have had the amount of opportunities I have been provided at UAHuntsville so far if I would have not chosen to get involved and to live on campus. So, find what you enjoy doing while in college and pursue it!

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