Written by: Cory Miller


To be honest, at first college seemed like a huge and complicated thing. As an incoming freshman for this fall, I wasn’t sure how to make out a class schedule, finish paying for classes, what classes would be like, or what activities I would be doing on campus. Going to New Student Orientation at UAH helped me answer these questions and much more.


My overall experience at UAH’s New Student Orientation was great! From the moment I stepped into the University Center I knew things would be wonderful. The “opening ceremony” was fun and set Orientation off to a great start. It was easy to tell that the Orientation Leaders and staff were excited to be there helping. They were able to answer every question that was raised, whether it was about student life, classes, tests, studying, or just where things were located.


While at UAH, I was also able to spend time with other future students who are going into the same fields of study that I am. This experience was great since I was able to meet some of the students I will be on campus with in the fall. It allowed me to begin making friendly connections with people and helped me become more excited about college and the fun I will have.


Another exciting part of orientation was spending the night on campus. The  residence halls themselves were fairly nice and the experience of spending a night there was enjoyable.  Since all of the residence hall suites have single rooms, there was a good sense of privacy, while still being able to socialize with suite mates.


In addition to the fun aspects of orientation, it had practical applications as well. Our Academic Advisors were able to help us choose classes quickly and efficiently. Other aspects of Orientation gave us some of the basics as to on-campus rules. They gave us study tips for success (spoiler: self-testing is the best way to prepare for college tests) and tips to stay on track in classes. All in all, I left feeling very prepared for my next few years of college.


UAH’s New Student Orientation was a great event. It has helped answer my questions for what I’ll be doing the next 4 years. It was both insightful and a great experience!