Typically, enrolling in college or any other kind of degree or certification program is to obtain the knowledge and  credentials and such, but, like most, it means to an end journeys there are usually things along the way that are worth occupying your time with. I’m an academic nerd which makes me biased, but, I think the courses we take (even those out of our areas of study) often provide us with information that will not only make us better at what we plan do for the rest of our lives, but can (if taken seriously) contribute to us becoming better people.


Admittedly, these courses and experiences only give us the tools to do so. We have to decide how and where we implement them.  I often hear athletics,  fraternities, and sororities looked to as the ideal on-campus activities, but I strongly suggest that you don’t count out other student organizations.  I’m currently holding officer positions in two student organizations and they’re an absolutely wonderful way to apply many of the things that my classes have taught me.


On campus organizations like College Democrats, College Republicans, Green Club, P.O.W.E.R (People Organized for the Equality and Rights of Women) , Ratio Christi (an organization devoted to looking at politics through a christian lens), Gay-Straight Alliance, InFocus (a group focused on bridging the gap between domestic and international students), and countless others interact with students lives in a way that the coursework isn’t able to. They’ve also allowed me to meet some absolutely wonderful people while doing it.