I recently noticed that it was that time of semester again, middle of the semester when you start counting down to Spring Break. So to have a light pick me up with friends, I planned a Cookin’ Extravaganza with Spanish Club. I’ve been the Spanish Club President for a while and it’s always hard to think of fun ideas that are also cultural, but recently we had a successful fundraiser so I wanted to splurge a little. So we decided on a cooking night where we’d cook Hispanic food together and afterwards, sit down and talk about our experiences traveling in Latin America.


After a little bit of research we got all the ingredients for Catalan Sauteed Polenta and Butter Beans (check out the recipe here!), which is very fun dish since it’s such a different combination of familiar tastes! And we had Stovetop Fideos, (recipe’s here) which is a type of pasta with beans. We also made guacamole and bean paste French Baguette sandwiches.


It was great cooking everything, we had at least 10 people in the small kitchen with more rotating in and out! It was a definitely a group effort and I felt very accomplished with my Head Chef skills,  we didn’t burn anything! Try cooking the recipes yourself!



Of course the food was delicious and so many students came by and tried it. We ended up talking about where we wanted to travel to and our South American friends told us about how it’s like there. Needless to say it was a great evening and I’m already looking forward to planning another one.