I am taking 13 credit hours  at UAH. They are General Chemistry I, Chem. Lab,  Pre-Cal w/ Trig., Priciples of Aeronautics and Astronautics (PAA), and Private Pilot Ground School.

I am really liking Private Pilot Ground school because I’m learning about airplanes  from someone who has been flying a long time. After this class I want to get a private pilot’s liscense (and maybe a commercial liscence). So If I want to go to the beach for the weekend, I just drive over to the airport and I’m at the beach in about an hour! :)

I really like PAA! The materials I’m learing in this class are the basis for the rest of my career. The only down side is the class is at 8am. :( We have a project where we are grouped into “Squadrons”! We have to build a small rubber band powered airplane out of recycled materials. I am having so much fun doing this because I get to work with my best friend and learn about making airplanes!

Chemistry is great too. I think I’m going to get a minor in it. I like learning about how elements interact to make materials I use everyday. Chemistry lab is a little boring, but hopefully it will pick up.

I really like my classes at UAH. The teachers are great and most of the students really care about learning and doing hands on activities.

Hope you enjoy this Chem Joke!