With midterms, extracurricular activities,  social life and anything life throws your way, finding time to study is hard.  Here are a few tips for studying on a time crunch.


1. Flash Cards! They are much easier to carry than a notebook/book. Make them during class (as you take notes) or do them right after. You can study in the car, between classes, or while your waiting on a friend.


2. Make a Schedule! You can buy an agenda or create a time sheet on Excel. This helps to visualize the day and week ahead. Do an hour by hour sheet for each day of the week. Designate hours for 15 minute intervals for studying a certain subject.  I have chemistry 9:05-10am then math 10:20-11:15, I designate that 20 minutes to studing math or chemistry.


3. Prioritize! Learning to prioritize in college is critical to your success. Sometimes you will have a test and a homework assignment due on the same day. If the test is going to be hard, then you spend more time studying then doing homework. If you are involved in extra-curriclular activities (which I strongly suggest you do!) some projects may be fun or have deadlines coming up, but no matter what, school comes first. I have to remind myself that I can’t do everything and my tests come before my project deadlines. Also remember that having a social life is important, but it’s ok to to tell your friends you have to study instead of hanging out.