This will hopefully become a serialized blog, so if photography is not necessarily one of your main hobbies or if you have other hobbies that you hope to pursue while taking classes at UAHuntsville, then do not worry!  Keep your eyes open for your personal flavor of “Your Hobby is What?”.


One of my favorite pastimes that really helps me remove myself from the stresses of college is photography.  I am mostly interested in the world of macro photography and landscapes, so for me the world is really my artistic palette.   Luckily Huntsville and the surrounding area provide me for ample inspiration for my photography – from the Botanical Gardens to Monte Sano State Park to local caves to right here on campus.



If by chance you are hoping to hone in your talents and learn from fellow photographers, you are in luck!  UAHuntsville offers several courses in Photography.  Southerland’s Photo located in South Huntsville also offers professional photography classes.  A few local photographers also offer weekend or week-long photo workshops.  A local organization of photographers, the North Alabama Photographers Guild, meets monthly at a local pizza shop and organizes group photo outings through their group page on flickr (


No matter my level of experience or my current preference of photographic subjects at any given time, Huntsville and the surrounding areas have always provided me with enough artistic stimulation to keep me motivated and thrilled behind my camera!