I’ve been very busy trying to wrap up a group project for my class, and I recently acquired a new job, so I’m processing out of my current one. Wrap that up with cool adult things like trying to get your taxes in on time (*sarcasm*) and you’ve got my life right now!


Sometimes, it feels like a headless chicken running across a busy highway.


And when life throws me lemons, I throw them back! Hahaha, just kidding you guys (I’m still not used to this “ya’ll” thing the natives have around here, and I’ve been in this state over 2 years already!). Actually, when life does throw me those lemons, I like to think of my favorite things. And break out into song, Julie Andrews style! Just kidding again!


On a serious note, on busy/crazy/hectic days, I daydream about my next adventure. And my next adventure, is Romania. And why Romania, would you ask?


It’s because it is a study abroad option for Business majors in Undergraduate and Graduate studies here at University of Alabama Huntsville. It’s two weeks in June at the Romanian-American University, fulfills 6 credits, teaches International Business topics (with Romania as the core topic), and is a great opportunity and learning experience. Pair that up with a love of traveling/adventuring + me = AWESOME.


Have more questions about it? Feel free to ask me!


Here are the course numbers offered for those of you signing up for summer classes: Graduate: MGT 570/650 , Undergraduate: MGT 450/470/490 (information obtained from: http://www.uah.edu/cgi-bin/schedule.pl?file=sum2012a.html&segment=MGT).