Last Saturday, I had to get up early. Now no one likes getting up at 6:45am on a Saturday morning unless, well they offer you a deal you cannot refuse. So that’s what SGA (Student Government Association) did last Saturday when they offered us a breakfast, a T-shirt and a lunch on top of a great volunteering opportunity! I have been very busy with classes and work but really, I remembered how much fun last year’s event was so I had to force myself to wake up as I knew I’d be glad later.


The Big Event is a community service event organized by SGA and 2012 we celebrated the second annual event with double the numbers from the first year. I got there still sleepy eyed at 7:30am to chow down on some¬†biscuit¬†with juice; I don’t quite like big, meaty breakfast (hope I haven’t offended anyone!). I had received an e-mail stating that I’d be volunteering at NASA this year. Last year, I helped paint at Downtown Rescue Mission and really felt like I had helped in a small way so I was looking forward to volunteering this year. All 240 students had a place assigned and we all got bussed over to and from the location.


I ended up pressure washing the concrete grounds at NASA, not the most glamorous task but it was fairly fun operating the pressure washer. First time for everything! Back on campus we had lunch with friends, the day was beautiful so the Saturday morning had ended more productively than usual.