In April, I and three other students attended the National Space Symposium in Colorado Springs.  Many of world’s leaders in Space Technology were there to meet and discuss the future of Space Travel and their companies.  We represented the National Space Grant Consortium which funds students throughout the United States.


While we were there, the symposium held New Generation sessions for students who are pursing careers in the Space Industry. We had opportunities to hang with many people who have made significant impacts in space technology.  At the first event two of us sat and talked with Dan Collins (ULA CEO). He had some great advice for students pursing careers in the space industry.  He said you need to constantly be challenging yourself, to make yourself better, and keep learning.  Also to make sure, when you do reach the job you want, to make sure you have a boss that appreciates you and the work you do. We also had the pleasure of hanging with Joel Scotkin (Masten Space System’s CEO).  He showed us what Masten has achieved and what they want to achieve.


Mike Griffin (former Adminitrator of NASA & professor at UAH), John Horack (VP of Research), and John Gregory (Director of Alabama Space Grant) from UAH also attened the conference. Dr. Horack and Dr. Gregory introduced us to a lot of great people.

We all had a great time and learned a lot about the space industry. And it was also a bonus to be right beside the Rocky Mountains and Cheyenne Mountain. ;)





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