Hi there!


It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? Also, I noticed that I told you to “contact me,” but you have no way of doing so! Well, every post, until they figure out how to include that information, I’m going to try to add it in. So here is my email address if you want to say “hi” or “I love your posts” or “I would rather you talk about…_____”.


It is: Stw0004@uah.edu .


So what have I been up to? So last I’ve posted, I was in processing myself through a new job. Well, on top of that, I’m now in a NEW-new job (meaning I jumped ship on my supposed new job for a different job). Also, my mother, who had not visited me in FOREVER (2 years), finally stopped by during the time I took off in between to take her to the beach, and for me to work paperwork, as well as the craziness in studying for finals.


Fast Forward: Well, happy to report, I’m enjoying the new job, my mom is back home, I’ve started Romanian class orientation, and I’m VERY VERY happy that I got a good grade in a great class that was EXTREMELY relevant to me this past term : MGT-631, Strategic Human Resource Management in a Technological Environment. Long title, eh? I’ll have to post more on that – I’ve interviewed the professor; I’ll provide a link to it next post.


Oh ! So look below at this cool picture I took and altered using Instagram:



This is a view from my hotel room while I was in the gulf shores area, Orange Beach to be exact. It was my first time being at the southern border; and I loved every minute of it! I love this state! If you ever get bored in Huntsville (which is pretty difficult to do, but perhaps possible if you’ve lived here all your life), you’re 2 hours away from Birmingham and Nashville, 4 hours away from Atlanta, and only 6-7 hours away from the beach! What more could you possibly want?


Spent a lot of time in the water, lazying around and napping by the beach, eating delicious seafood, and shopping it up. Saw some small sting rays, and some crabs, picked up seashells by the shore. Next time, I want to do the dolphin tours, shrimp harvesting, and some snorkeling. It was perfect.


If you haven’t ever been to those beautiful, white, sandy beaches, you should. I don’t even know why it took me this long to do so.