The Decatur Jubilee is held every year at Point Mallard Park in Decatur, AL. The field is filled with hot air balloons from all over the region! They give rides and a light up show to music for the public’s enjoyment. There’s also live music from local bands and fireworks on Sunday night. The best part is……it’s all free!! ;)

Since I’ve lived in Decatur for only two years, and last year I wasn’t able to attend, this was my first year attending. It was a lot of fun! I went with my family and a friend joined us too. The first morning we watched the pilots fill their balloons and we took a tethered ride on one! It was much louder than I expected when the pilot released hot air.  Also, it made me glad I’m short because there’s not much room for tall people, unless you like your hair on fire. haha We went back after dark that night where they gave us a light up show. When the music played each balloon would light up making a spectacular display.

Oh! Also on Saturday, while we were eating dinner, a balloon landing right in front our house. We got to help land and pack it up. Saturday was very eventful.

Sunday was the Great Balloon race….or it was suppose to be. The wind didn’t take them to the finish line where a new car and cash prizes were waiting. But we followed them across town anyways. One almost landed in a pond, a couple almost hit tree lines, and a few landed at home depot.  Sunday night they did more light ups and FIREWORKS!! They were surprisingly good! Considering it wasn’t Independence Day.

We all have fun hanging out, eating snow cones and enjoying the Jubilee!