Today begins the first step of a loooong travel day to Europe. I’ve been at Chicago O’Hare for 6 hours now, with another 3 more prior to my next leg of flight. I should’ve double, triple, quadrupley checked my itinerary and had an epic fight (Mortal Kombat style) with my aircraft carrier, but I wussed out.  In addition to that, I sadly have not  had more than 3 hours of sleep within the past 48 hours….oops.


So I’m a wee bit sleepy, and there are no sleepy-friendly areas at this airport. However, this hub is RETAIL CENTRAL. I think if they kept me here much longer, I’d be broke before I’d make it to Romania! I’ve bought myself a well deserved back massage, a meal from the Rick Bayless Frontera Tortas restaurant (which is kinda a big deal for me because I like to think I’m a foodie and this is the closest I will EVER be to Rick’s food), 2 drinks from Argos Tea (think Starbucks – but better, and replace coffee with tea – I ordered me a Green tea strawberry creme drink DELISH!), and some goodies from the Vosges chocolate store (famous for their gourmet chocolate bacon bar).


And if you’ve never had any of the three, please do at least try each of them once in your life. Your inner self will thank you. I feel bad for my next flight; bad for the people sitting next to me as I’m sure I’ll be snoring soon.