Hey everyone!


During the second weekend of June my teammates and I traveled to Abiline, TX for the CanSat competition. The CanSat competition is an engineering challenge where students build a mock satellite and fly it using rockets.  It was a fun year learning about CAD, teamwork, and different fields of study. We had to design everything, from the mechanical housing to the circuit boards to the decent control.

I was mechanical lead for the project.  Our project is through the Space Hardware Club.  SHC is a student organization on campus who design, build and fly projects related science and space.


What I learned during the CanSat project, I now use in my classes. The trip was a lot of fun and our CanSat succeeded in it’s mission. We had a malfunction with the streamers, they were suppose to slow the CanSat down, but they broke off after deployment.  It all turned out well because we had parachutes that deployed. We didn’t place high because we were late for our flight window, so points were taken off for that. But it was AWESOME watching it fly and finding it after it landed.