I’ve got just over a week till I leave Panamá and since we got back from the last excursion to Boquete it’s just been so hard to concentrate. I’m tired and want to sleep in my bed and would love to just get some of this stuff over with. I’m definitely going to miss some of the people here, most of the CATHALAC staff is really cool and I have a lot of fun playing around with them. Rebecca (our housekeeper) is awesome and I wish I could still talk to her when I leave here. I am glad to have had the opportunity to make these new friends and some I know will stay friends for awhile. Thanks to Yali for all her help and teaching me patience with the students. I hope that the bags I’ve got will suffice to get everything back to the States cause I don’t want to have to buy another nor do I want to pay the over weight fee. I didn’t realize until today that Ernest Borgnine was Mermaid Man until today, now that I read his obit. Was he also Cosgrove from Freakazoid?