The class travels to the Romanian National Opera to watch “Aida.” Many of us should have done homework prior to our arrival. The subtitles provided are in Romanian, and those of us from UAH can only make out a word or two. We use what we could infer from body language and interactions between the characters to determine the storyline. Afterwards, I hop to Wikipedia to get the skinny. It is a love story about Aida, an Ethiopian princess, slave and friend to Egyptian pharaoh’s daughter, Amneris. Ramades, an Egyptian military commander, is forced to choose between his love for Aida and his loyalty to the pharaoh. To complicate matters, Amneris loves Ramades, although he does not return these feelings. After the finale, a few of us are still confused. Joshua thinks that Amneris is Ramades’ mother. I dramatize the story thinking that Aida is pregnant with Ramades’ child. I infer this from the touching and caressing of her stomach. Who knew that wasn’t the case?!

Upon our return, Joshua and I are up until 0200 in the lobby trying to figure out international calling. He has problems with the mobile phone SIM card and international minute provider as they claim he used all of his minutes. I try to find other options through Skype, changing of phones and SIM cards, online calling cards, etc. I know it is too late in the night when classmates known to go to the club come back before we go to sleep.