Last weekend, all the SGA members got together for a Retreat down towards Birmingham. I had gone on another weekend trip before so I could seriously feel all the work piling up and making me nervous! Yet everyone was going and it was a two day sponsored trip! Those are hard to pass by…  On the drive down, we got in a 7:00pm traffic. Exactly, no such thing. But we ended up being delayed an hour.  Yet those two days flew by so fast. We went canoeing but it was very short lived since one of our friends tipped their canoe. Who doesn’t enjoy a dip with their iphone and sneakers?!  Over the course of the trip though we managed to have several meetings, brainstorming sessions, met with UAB SGA President and planned this semester’s activities! As we came back on Sunday, it felt like we’d been gone for a week with a busy schedule every day.


The Retreat turned out to be a lot of fun, we got a lot done and got to know other SGA members better. So it’s good to step out of your studies, join different organizations and be active. I try not to look at anything I do as a chore since you are making a choice to do it and so there can’t be a “have to”! I’m looking forward to our next trip: zip lining anyone?