We “touristize” the place by waiting for the city tour bus and hop on. RAU students are with us too. They feel silly as they are normally not tourists, but are joining us nonetheless. The bus takes us all around town, and those who understand only English are given a headphone set with prerecorded messages at different highlights of Bucharest. However, the audio is a few seconds too late, and I converse with Leo and he helps me with all of the landmarks, and even adds extra historical narratives. By having him around, I got the extended tour!

Most of the group decides to go to the center of Bucharest (downtown) afterwards to get a drink and quench our thirst on another hot day. I order myself delicious mint lemonade as others binge on their fresh orange juice, as well as other refreshments. From here, Ami and I separate from the group as she has spotted many bridal boutiques. Because she is getting married in October, her enthusiasm for these shopping areas is at its peak; as I am her unofficially designated two week long maid of honor, I must support her. We search for a garter, but do not find one that fits the bill. Our hunger takes over and we make our way to try the McDonalds as a comparison to what we have back home. A Big Mac meal and nice air conditioning, and we are in heaven. It is nicer than the ones in America; the McCafe section sells many coffee or smoothie drink, beautiful desserts, and the furniture is posh and chic. I would attach a photo, but while trying to take one, employees stop us saying that it is not allowed. Ami and I share a chocolate chip cookie and try not to be too homesick.

During the night I do not feel well, and it reminds me of a moment before from a work trip. I figure it is traveler’s food poisoning, possibly from the water as our Romanian counterparts even warned us that even they do not drink the tap water. Luckily there is a spare pack of antibiotics with me. Within the first hour, although hungry and dehydrated, I finally fall asleep.