The semester’s about to start. I have ¬†exactly one week to adjust. There isn’t much that I have to actually do though, it’s all psychological, I think I’ve forgotten how to study.

The summer was just as it should have been, I had a brief internship in England, worked on a research paper and relaxed abroad for month and a half. It was a good balance of productivity and relaxation, especially considering that it is my last summer as a student. So after a nice summer, I’m getting excited to see how the semester will turn out! E-mails keep coming about classes, schedules and so many Week of Welcome events! Every college is having an open house and my favorite’s College of Business Hot Dog Roast of course! BAB is where I spend most of my time and I’ll even be helping out at the Roast. They have a picnic, midnight movie, foam party and something for everyone’s taste, which poses a problem for me since I’m the one who tries to check out everything!

Beginning of the semester is always fun. You get to catch up with all the people that you saw non stop just few months ago, see who’s new, see what changes the college has made during the summer. Classes are even more exciting because the first week offers a chance to see what you’ll actually be discussing the next few months, without a pressure of an exam. It’s fairly good to be back.