Hey Charger Nation!

Most of you haven’t met me before, so I will take a second to introduce myself to you all:
I’m Nathan Mack, a proud Charger and an Admissions Counselor here at UAHuntsville. In case you
are wondering what that means, I help incoming high school and transfer students from Texas
and the surrounding states apply to and enroll at UAH.
As we approach the fall semester, I decided to spend a few minutes (or paragraphs, technically)
explaining to you all what people like me do, and then how you can make the most of this
upcoming term.

In a few short weeks, you all will be back in class, and I will ‘hit the road’ to see
all of you! I will visit your schools during class periods or lunches, stand behind my
table proudly at college fairs, and host special events to tell the UAH story. My job
is to communicate to you everything that makes UAHuntsville unique, so that you can
determine if our school might be a good option for higher education. I am not a sales
guy, and I am not going to pressure you to come to UAH, but rather explain what makes
us awesome, in the hope that you find it awesome too.

So, now that you know what I will be doing this fall, let me tell you a few things I think
you should do to make the most of the upcoming term:

a) Seniors – apply to colleges AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Activities only get busier, classes only
become more challenging, and homework piles up as the semester progresses. Do yourself a favor
and start now.

b) Go to College Fairs. Just do it. Walk around and speak to universities. Again, our job is
not to pressure you to ‘choose our school right then and there,’ but rather give you information
so that you can decipher if we might be a good option.

c) Take advantage of school visits and special events. As I mentioned above, I will visit your school
and I will invite you to events. Come say hi! Come ask questions. I love having the chance to talk to
students like you.

d) Keep those grades up and don’t forget about ACT/SAT. So many scholarships are tied to test scores
and GPA. I’d hate for you to be a few points away from potential $$!
So, as you and your family sit and prepare for the fall semester, I hope you will take the time to think
about the items above, or what I like to call, your ‘college plan of attack.’ Ask yourself: When are the
college fairs in my area? What schools am I interested in, and do they have events listed on their website?
When am I going to ask my counselor about universities visiting my school? What questions do I want to ask
schools? What do I want to know?

I know I’m excited to see all of you, and I hope that you are just as excited to take the next step in your
educational journey. Please see me as a resource for you and your family, in any way that I can.

With Charger Pride!

-Nathan Mack

Texas Regional Admissions Counselor