We’ve been here for 10 days and strange that we have not eaten any American food other than the time Ami and I ventured into a McDonalds. We hear good things about the Hard Rock Café a few blocks away near the entrance of the park. Ami, Emily, and Carly get a taxi to take them there. Because professor Hickman and I do not see another taxi coming, we start walking in that direction. A pizza delivery man who used to live in England but returned to his homeland takes us there part of the way. But he lets us out in an area that requires the same distance to walk as if we came from the school. Once we get there, the others already asked for drinks. I order an extremely beautiful fruit smoothie made up of strawberry and mango puree called the Groupie Grind. For dinner we split calamari, I order a side of macaroni and cheese, and a side of broccoli. Oh broccoli, how I missed you on this trip. Everything is better now. As we try to get the last bit ketchup out of the Heinz bottle for someone’s fries, Professor Hickman shows us a trick to get the remnants towards the cap. It involves him forcefully swinging the bottle while holding it upside down, and this happens a few feet away from a nearby waiter. The waiter sees him, and now is scared of Mr. Hickman and the bottle, and entertainingly tries to ignore us in jokingly fear. As our seats are in front of a window, the waiter comes by with a bottle of ketchup, and a sign written with red permanent marker reading “Beware! I will ketch (you) up!” Beware indeed.