After class is over I decide to stay in my room because I am chosen as group lead for our homework group (Team 3). Tomorrow in class our team will meet and negotiate with a mock United Arab Emirates group (Team 4). Our team is a firm from Italy that manufactures and sells timber from Romania. This exercise is to introduce us to the different cultures and business practices and to strike a deal with one another. I am preparing mock contract agreements, emailing the counter-offer of our partnership, and creating faux business cards for each of the team members. The other students venture to the Peasant Museum’s gift shop nearby to purchase souvenirs.

For dinner the students, the UAH faculty, and Dr. Potecea meet us at Caru cu Bere, one of the oldest beerhouses of Bucharest. It started in 1879, along with its house beer, a secret recipe. The building itself is even stunning; there is a wooden spiral staircase that leads to the top, wood and carvings adorn every area of the walls, and paintings help decorate the scene. Bucharest once in its lifetime was known as “little Paris” and this restaurant still lives up to that name.

Before dinner begins, Adellina, (who calls me her “little sister”, but do not let that pet name fool you, as I am at least 6 years her senior) grabs my arm and wants me to meet her boyfriend and best friend. They tell me in well spoken English that they heard so much about me from her. Adellina is one of the sweetest and most beautiful students I meet on the trip, and then she kisses both her friend (in the European manner of two kisses that are artificially blown to the cheeks) and her boyfriend to bid them adieu for the night.

Dinner is delightful, again full of meats, cheeses, and the like. And for dessert, we have the pleasure of papanasi again. Except this time, everyone’s plate has two of each on it! None of us can eat more than one though I am sure we wanted to! Joshua looks at this monstrous sweet in a bit of disgust and says the favorite and most memorable line of the trip: “There’s more sour cream on my papanasi than I put on my baked potato!”