While students are still trying to gather their last minute souvenirs, I am in search of dinner again. Today, Leo has free time off to take us around. Emily and I go with him to Springtime (www.springtime.ro), a Romanian-based fast food chain. He tells us that the owner created the restaurant in the early 1990s after observing how well Romanians responded to other fast food restaurants. However, instead, the founder did extensive market research to find what food types the people were interested in consuming. The chain has grown to 26 franchises, all with varied food items such as Middle-Eastern shawarma, Italian pastas and pizzas, American burgers, salads, desserts, and premium grade coffee. These, with the combination of Springtime’s policy to use fresh local vegetables and meat keeps this restaurant in business, and will continue to do so for many years to come. After dinner, Leo leaves, and Emily and I walk to IKEA, a Swedish based store known to serve customers affordable and stylish furniture at a low price. Though most of their design is extremely compact and fashionable, most all of their items are made from cheap materials not known to last very long (particle board, plastics, etc.). This is Emily’s first IKEA visit, so I do my best to be her tour guide.