I am “known” by my peers for several things; the fact that I’m almost always grinning about something, my ever-changing hair color, my tendency to randomly giggle during awkward silences, but I can write with 110% certainty that I have never been known as organized. My brain doesn’t like to automatically putting things in categories. It would much rather take everything it has to deal with, toss them all in the air, and deal with each individual issue as it falls back down.


“But Jonathan,” you may be thinking, “that doesn’t sound very inefficient!”  And you’d be right, for that was the very reason my Freshman year happened to be a nine month caffeine induced haze.


After getting to know myself and my limitations in the “keeping-my-life-neat” department, I discovered two things that have become life savers for me. Planners and graphic organizers held my life together for the four years I’ve been in college. If you find yourself having trouble keeping deadlines and obligations in order, try planning out times to get specific things done with a planner so they don’t keep sneaking up on you. Your sleep schedule will thank you.  . . a lot.