Hey Chargers!

Can you believe that it’s already the 4th week of school? By now, everyone should be settled into their schedule and stressing over what their final grade will be. Oooops where are my manners, I’m Cassandra a junior psychology major sociology minor. I love hanging out with my friends, my family and my two dogs.  I actually enjoy reading a good book over watching TV. (Yes, I’m a nerd). I’ve been stressing about Fall semester since last Spring.


Yes, I love UAHuntsville; in case you were wondering.  This university has so much to offer from exciting HPE classes to challenging (but interesting) classes. If you live on campus you already know about the awesome residence halls! I live in North, the best upper-classmen residence hall on campus. If I’m late for class or a meeting I’m only about 5-10 min away depending on the location of such. I’m not a morning person whatsoever so I benefit from the extra 10-15 min snooze time I get from living on campus.


Let’s see….what am I looking forward to this semester? Glad you asked! I’m striving to make all A’s this semester (which isn’t looking to bright thanks to my Psych stats class), making it a priority to go to the gym consistently this entire semester (which is going well) and making new friends. Seems pretty legit, huh? Well we all know with hard work comes failures. I just try to roll with the punches and keep trying. Plus if we never fail, how will we know how to succeed?  Think about it!  Until next time…Charge On!